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Work Parties 2020


With the Covid-19 lockdown still in force as our Work Party season is due to start, it has been decided the Sunday May 10th Work Party will be cancelled.


With the Prime Minister due to address the Nation on Sunday evening (10/4/20) we will see whether anything he announces will have any effect on the future situation regarding Angling and the possibility of carrying out maintenance work at our fisheries.


We will update our advice and publish on the website next week when, hopefully, we will be better informed regarding the latest advice



Angling Trust Government proposal 28/4/20


If you would like to read the full report that the Angling Trust has submitted to the Government with the aim of getting us back fishing in a safe environment click on the link below.




Cost Cutter Match 19/3/20 

We apologise for the cost cutter match report being a bit late but we have the results for you now.

The match was fished on Colver Lake with five members taking part. Top rod on the day was Kevin Hirons. Kev, drawn on peg 13, put 28lb on the scales to take the win.

Rob Smith was not too far behind on peg 25 with 25lb to take second place. third was Chris Shore with 10lb from peg 16.

Jeff ? came in fourth from peg 16 with Mick Farmery not troubling the scales man on peg 22!

Sadly, this will be the last Cost Cutter Match until further notice due to the Government restrictions.



Winter Away Day at Holly Farm 22/3/20


It was another Broome/Open match with the  Broome members filling the top three places on Gills Lake at Paul Cooke's Holly Farm.


Julian Stretton took the honours on the day with 50lb 3oz from peg 20. Not too far behind came Paul Edwards. Paul on peg 7 took the runner-up spot with 48lb 13oz. Gavin Norton completed the frame in third place from peg 13 weighing in with 40lb 6oz.


Shaun Weed, Keith Macfarlane, Glenn Ribbons and Adam Townsend all were section winners in the 25 peg competition.


2020 Broome AGM Cancellation


We are informing members that because of the current health situation and in line with government advice this years AGM has been cancelled. We will still be sending out the annual News Letter as normal. Membership renewal forms will, also, be sent out as usual.


There was a notice of motion to be discussed at the AGM as to whether to do away with the Half Yearly Meeting. As member attendance at the Half Yearly has been so low (As few as ten or eleven members) the committee feel that it is a waste of time and money to hire the venue when hardly anyone attends. This notice of motion will stand, meaning there will no longer be a Half Yearly meeting.


The committee




Cost Cutter Match 12/3/20


This week’s cost cutter match was held on a cold and windswept Sanctuary lake.

Unfortunately, we had a frost the night before after several very mild days which obviously did not help matters. A few fish were caught however with Mick Farmery (again) coming out on top with a respectable 30lb. The catch was made up of 6 carp, 4 tench, a bream and several smaller fish.

Runner up, albeit a long way behind with 4lb 13oz, was Rob Smith.

Chris Shore will be running the matches for the next couple of weeks.



Winter Away Day at Holly Farm 8/3/20


It was a Broome/Open match with the members faring well amongst some venue regulars on Paul Cooke's Gills lake at Holly Farm. Member Cliff Hodgkiss coming out on top with a great weight of 79lb 4oz from peg 24. Second place going to Gav Norton on the next peg, 20, just short of Cliff with 73lb 8oz. Match Secretary, Keith Macfarlane took third from peg 48 with 71lb 6oz. Completing a very close top four was Tony Maddock 70lb 1oz, from peg 3.


Paul Edwards with 54lb 9oz, Tom Waldock with 61lb 6oz and Glen Ribbond with 68lb were the three section winners in what was a very tight competition.


Cost Cutter Match 5/3/20


This week’s cost cutter match was held on a bitterly cold and windy Colver lake. No change there then !!. At least we only had one short shower of rain to contend with.


Mick Farmery came out on top with 22lb 8oz, which included a 7lb 8oz carp, with Chris Shore managing the runner up spot with 10lb.


Next week’s match will be held on Sanctuary.



Cost Cutter Match 27/2/20

This week’s cost cutter match was held on a windswept and freezing cold Jasons Lake. 


The lake had been fishing earlier in the week but with the sudden drop in temperature, and sleet the previous night, weights were again hard to put together.


Mick Farmery came out on top with 8lb 15oz, thanks primarily to two 3lb ide. Chris Shore was second with 6lb 1oz of skimmers.


Next weeks match is on Colver.




Winter Away day at Holly Farm 9/2/20

On yet another day of high winds and driving rain eight members fished a match on Trotters lake, Holly Farm. It was decided to fish a "Rover" where each angler picks the peg they want to fish. The first pick going to the angler who draws the lowest number, and so on.

Picking out peg 9 Paul Edwards won what was a very close match with 61lb 4oz. second place went to someone else who wanted to sit facing the gales, in Keith Macfarlane, Keith picked next peg, 7, and was just short of Paul with 58lb 2oz.

Section 1 went to Den Porter with 53lb 13oz from peg 16. Steve Beckhurst taking Section 2 from peg 29 with 52lb 10oz.


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