Broome Angling


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Work at Kilworth 

As an update to the message below regarding weed clearance at Buffalo and Admirals. Sadly things didn't go quite as planned. It seems that, inadvertently, a pump may have been left running overnight and when the volunteers arrived on Saturday morning to help remove the fish, they found that the lake was virtually dry and most of the weed had collapsed; with obvious consequences. They did manage to rescue about a dozen decent carp and around 400 or so silver fish.


We would like to thank all of those who, once again, turned up to help the club out over the weekend and on both Monday and Tuesday. We say "once again" as these are the members who always turn up when help is needed. Whether it be work parties or times like these, where, in the first instance, through no fault of their own, there was nothing they could do. These people are the backbone of our club, and the committee, on behalf of the membership, would like to thank them for their efforts. 




Work on Buffalo and Admirals


The land owner at Kilworth Sticks fishery is carrying out some work that he has agreed to do for us in clearing out Buffalo Loop and Admiral Lake. Both lakes are being drained, a digger is going to be used to clear all of the weed and also the silt, making Buffalo loop weed free and also deeper.


Obviously we are going to have to temporarily move the fish when the water is low enough to do this safely.


We are looking to carry out the fish removal on Saturday (27/6/20). If you feel you would be able to offer some assistance in the fish removal we would be very grateful. In the first instance if you do want to help could you please ring Keith Macfarlane to let him know, as we can't have too many people there because we still have to observe social distancing rules.


Keith's number is in your membership book.



Sunglasses Found


A pair of sunglasses has been found on Colver Lake close to peg 43. If they are yours please get in touch with Keith Macfarlane or email the website and we will get them returned to you.



Away Day at Peatling Pools


Den Porter recorded a megga bag on Sundays away day on Lake "B" at Peatling Pools. Drawn on peg 43 Den netted 175lb 13oz for the win. It was a pretty good day for Phil Sansby as well. Phil took second place in the field of thirteen with an impressive 115lb 9oz  from peg 35.


Section 1 went to Malc Spring with 69lb 6oz and it was another "ton bag" from Geoff Harper with 105lb 1oz from peg 45 to take Section 2.

Lock Number Changes Tuesday 16/June /2020


We have another message from Terry Branston. A very important reminder that our combination lock number will change on 16/6/20.


To all new and existing members. We have had five locks broken in the last seven days due to the incorrect number being put into the lock, then the lock being forced when it won't open. 


The combination of all of our locks will be changed tomorrow (16/6/20). Make sure you check your membership book for the new number from tomorrow onwards. Putting the current number in will not work once the locks have been reset. Please don't break any more locks, they are there for the security of you and your fishery.


Terry Branston Water Officer  


Crayfish on Colver


We have had a reports of more crayfish being caught on Colver. Terry Branston has asked me to publish the following message


To all new members and existing members, The crayfish traps will be set on Colver as from next week. Please DO NOT interfere with them or move them so that you can fish the swims that they are in.

Thank you.


 Terry Branston Water Officer  


Reward offered!!


We have had a report from the Managing Director of Frisby Lakes, who we have just negotiated with to gain access for our Members to fish Frisby Lakes. 


 A Broome Member went into the small Car Park (On Frisby Road) and hit and damaged two cars that were already parked there. Then left without leaving their name. We know it was almost certainly a Broome Member because the Broome lock was locked onto the closed end of the Frisby Lock with the Broome number still showing.


Broome A.S. has taken the view that this is very serious and are prepared to offer a £200.00 reward to anyone who can identify the culprit. The culprit will then be reported to the police for leaving the scene without reporting the incident and anything else that may be appropriate. Also the culprit will receive a lifetime ban from Broome A.S.


Fortunately Frisby Lakes have CCTV around the Lakes and the staff are checking to try to identify the vehicle involved.


If you have any information please inform any committee members. (contact details are in your membership book)

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