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Venue Alteration for Winter League

Could members please note that, regarding next Sundays (19/1/20) Winter League Match that is Scheduled to be on Jasons Lake, and one half of Colver. Pegs 1-18 are now being used on Colver instead of 21-46 (As appears in your membership book).

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Winter Away day at Holly Farm

Twelve members fished a match on Trotters Lake at Holly Farm on Sunday 12/1/20. Given the time of year the lake fished well with eleven of the twelve starters registering double figure weights.

Top on the day was Chris Crane. Drawn on peg 20 Chris had a fine days fishing catching 72lb 2oz of Carp and F1's. Steve Beckhurst took the runner-up spot with 53lb 14oz from peg 38. Steve caught Carp and F1's on the Long Pole with Pellet and added five big Carp from the margins. Third place went to Den Porter. Den had most of his 42lb 10oz on the tip from peg 7.

Gavin Norton took Section 1 with 41lb 10oz from peg 10. Section 2 going to Phil Sansby fishing on peg 2, Phil netted 32lb.

Frisby lakes

Club Chairman, Alan Smith, has asked me to publish the following notice regarding Frisby Lakes

Members please note. Whilst fishing Frisby Lakes please do not give anyone the combination of our lock. Day ticket anglers have approached our members asking for the combination so that they can get in, but they need to phone the owner and pay for their day ticket if the gate is locked.



Sad News

 We have two very sad items of news to report. That is the loss of two long standing members, within the last few days, in Geoff Taylor and Ted Whiter. 

Geoff was a former committee member, serving for many years in senior roles. Also, Geoff had been carrying on helping by auditing the clubs financial accounts prior to the AGMs.

Ted was serving committee member, serving as Juniors Assistant, but in fact performed numerous activities in helping to run our club.

Both will be sadly missed and our thoughts are with both families during these difficult times.

Frisby Lakes Updated News

 Following on from the news that we have been allowed to fish the Frisby Clubhouse Lake on a trial basis from Jan 1/1/2020 until may 31/5/2020 (full details below). 

We have been asked to let members know that if they wish to fish the Clubhouse lake (across the road from our entrance gate), they must:

  • Leave the Clubhouse gate open if it is open when you get there. 
  • Lock the gate if it is locked when you arrive, or locked when you depart. 

This is because there is a yoga club that uses the Clubhouse and they leave the gate open whilst they are using the facilities.

Thank you, Alan Smith. 

Frisby Lakes

 We have some potentially great news from our Chairman Alan Smith. He has asked me to publish the following:

An agreement has been reached with Frisby Lakes that our members, on a trial basis, between 1st January and 31st May, can fish the big club house lake, on production of your Broome membership book. This agreement comes with certain conditions that our members must adhere to :- 

1)   No night fishing. Fishing dawn till dusk only. 

2)   No fishing from the island or the point beyond the club house 

3)   The toilet is currently being used by a female yoga club so can only be used by our members IN EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES 

4)   Parking is available at both car parks. The gates are kept locked most of the time but one of the locks will be a combination lock with the same number as our other locks 

As already stated this  agreement is  a trial only, so I would urge members to be on their best behaviour at all times. Also be aware, in case you are asked, that there is no reciprocal arrangement for members of Frisby lakes. 

If you need any more info please contact myself. 


Alan Smith 


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