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Treasurer Vacancy

Some of you may already know that we need a new treasurer after March next year. But I am writing to stress how vital it is to fill this post in the club.  

The treasurer is one of our most important lynchpin positions in the club as without one we will be unable to function at all. Unless we fill the post we may even need to wind the club up, which nobody wants as we are one of the most successful and reasonably priced clubs in the county.  

Be assured that anyone who puts their name forward will receive 100% backing and support from the rest of the committee so please, if you feel you are able to help, please telephone either myself or Keith Macfarlane. You will find our numbers in your membership book.  

Alan Smith (Chairman)



CORONA VIRUS/COVID-19 Updates 4/11/20

As most members will know, Broome A.S. is a member of the Angling Trust and as such we are following the guidelines set down by them regarding the laws and interpretations of the laws that will apply to the new lockdown restrictions.

The Angling Trust has been in close contact with the government regarding the restrictions and it has been stated that we can carry on fishing but with regulations that must be adhered to.

In simple terms the main points are

1) You can only go fishing with members of your own household, your support bubble or one other individual

2) You must not travel a long distance to go fishing there has been no official limit on the distance but "keep it local" is the guidance.

3) All competition fishing is prohibited until after the Lockdown when competitive angling will be able to be resumed once there is a return to the "three tier" system.

Below is the complete text of the Angling Trust Guidance and we ask all of our members to read and familiarise themselves with. Any updates to these rules will be published here when they become available.


The Angling Trust Latest Guidance, 5th November 2020

Having now examined the government’s new Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 4) Regulations the Angling Trust is pleased to be able to offer some initial guidance and interpretation to anglers and fishery providers. Our formal guidelines will be published following further consultation with colleagues at Sport England and DCMS once Parliament has debated the regulations today and passed them into law. 

Overall, the Angling Trust is pleased that ministers have recognised the value of allowing angling and some other forms of outdoor recreation to continue through the forthcoming lockdown period in England. However, the new rules are more complicated than we had hoped, and anglers should be fully aware of what we can and can’t do in the next 28 days. 

How to fish

The regulations are clear. You can only leave home to fish with members of your own household, your support bubble or with one other individual. The Rule of Six is now effectively the Rule of Two for most of us. The tightening of the rules on ‘gatherings’ means that match fishing or any other organised fishing event is prohibited by law during lockdown. However, competitive fishing will be able to resume once there is a return to the “three tier” system of restrictions. 

Where to fish

Angling is deemed a permissible form of ‘outdoor recreation’, and a lawful reason to leave home. It can take place, without time limits, within the provision allowing people “to visit a public outdoor space for the purposes of “open air recreation”. 

A ‘public outdoor space’ is defined as an ‘outdoor place to which the public have, or are permitted, access (whether on payment or otherwise).’ We believe this clearly includes riverbanks, towpath's, beaches and Stillwater's that can either be accessed freely or on the payment of a day ticket or subscription levied by the owner or leased to a publicly available fishing association. The government clearly intends for people to be able to take their outdoor exercise and recreation in the form of angling and these regulations allow this to occur. 

Fisheries are not on the published list of businesses that the government has ordered to close and there is no reason that they should do so providing that they operate in accordance with the rules 

It does not permit club outings or organised amateur sporting activities of any sort. All indoor or social facilities in any way connected with a fishing venue must close or refer to the relevant Government guidance. Fishing tackle shops, whether onsite or not, can only operate a ‘click and collect’ service. 

Travelling to fish

Whilst the government have chosen not to write their travel guidance into law, we are urging anglers to respect the advice which states that it is permissible to travel in order: 

“to spend time or exercise outdoors – this should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel to do so if necessary (for example, to access an open space)”

Put simply, you can travel to go fishing but long journeys should be avoided ‘wherever possible’. Sea anglers should focus on their local beaches and fishing marks and freshwater anglers should not be travelling hundreds of miles in search of fishing during lockdown. It is up to the individual to apply common sense and act within the spirit of the government’s guidance. You absolutely cannot leave home to fish if you have Coronavirus symptoms or are self-isolating. 

How long to fish

There are no limits on the time that can be spent on outdoor recreation which means that anglers are able to continue fishing into and through the hours of darkness providing the other rules are observed. 

Fishery management

Essential fishery management work, which clearly cannot be undertaken from home, can continue as can any necessary, socially distanced working parties fall within the provisions for ‘voluntary work’. Appropriate risk assessments must be in place and numbers should sensibly managed. 


This is going to be an extremely difficult period for everybody and as anglers we must recognise that we are fortunate that our chosen form of recreation can continue even though there are restrictions on what we can do. The Angling Trust made the case for fishing based on the health and wellbeing benefits that angling offers coupled with the importance of reducing pressure on other open spaces by allowing us to continue to safely enjoy the social isolation and peace that fishing brings. It is incumbent on us all to continue to act responsibly and to fish safely, fish locally and respect the Rule of Two. 

CORONA VIRUS/COVID-19 Updates 26/5/20

We have had an update, from the Angling Trust, on the rules regarding the Covid-19 lockdown after their discussions with the government. We have now been allowed to move into phase two of the re-opening of fishing. 

Competition fishing and therefore keepnets are to be allowed from today 26/5/20

Please remember that this is not yet a return to fishing as pre Covid-19 days. 

Our Governing body, The Angling Trust, has been campaigning for fishing to be one of the first activities to be allowed upon easing of the lockdown restrictions.

With that in mind anglers MUST follow the Angling Trust Guidelines, the main points being:

  • Sanitise your hands after touching gates, locks or any other surface that may have touched by others.  
  • Social distancing of at least 2 meters must be observed at all times.

These rules have been devised with the object of allowing us to continue fishing whilst trying to minimise the risk of being infected by this terrible virus that has already killed thousands.

We recommend that you read and familiarise yourself with the

 full Phase One and Phase 2 Guidelines from the Angling Trust, that can be read by clicking below

Phase 1 Individual Fishing Phase 2 Competition Fishing

Hand Sanitisation etc.

Broome A.S. is a member only society and we do not employ any staff so we are unable to "man" our gates. We are therefore relying on members using their common sense. If you arrive at one of our venue's and find there is not enough room to fish on the lake that you had intended to then please use another of the lakes.

On the subject of hand sanitisation. As our gates are not manned you will need to provide your own hand sanitiser for your personal use. The gates must be locked as usual once you have entered the site.

If you feel ill or have any of the symptoms of Covid-19 then please stay at home and self isolate as instructed by the government.

Please do not abuse, or try to bend the rules and risk all of us being, once again, unable to enjoy our sport in these uncertain times. And more importantly we do not want to cause any increase in the infection rate.


The Broome A.S. Committee

News 2020

Trout to Smiggies


Our Water Officers Terry Branston and Brian Toon have asked me to publish the following notice to all members. 

Trout are to be introduced to Smiggies so they can combat the crayfish and their eggs. Under no circumstances must they be put in a keep net as crayfish or eggs could be spread into other waters, they must be returned to the lake immediately and must remain in Smiggies only!!   


There will be no exceptions to this ruling. ANYONE found moving, or removing any of these trout will be banned. 


Terry and Brian

Poles on Colver


We have been informed that some members, when fishing on Colver pegs 21,22 and 23, have been shipping back their Poles, over our fence and therefore causing a hazard to cyclists and other traffic on the Frisby Road.

This problem has arisen in the past when a cyclist was knocked off of his bike whilst swerving to avoid a fishing pole suddenly appearing over the hedge.

This matter was reported to the Police. The Police, who regularly patrol Frisby Road, told the club that if they see any fishing equipment i.e. Poles appearing past the Broome A.S. border (the hedge) they will prosecute the offender.

So please BE AWARE. If you are fishing Colver pegs 21,22 or 23 you MUST break down your Pole at least twice to avoid crossing our hedge or you could end up causing an accident, getting prosecuted or both!

Broome Matches Cancelled


In line with the new lockdown restrictions all Broome A.S. Matches are now cancelled until the lockdown finishes, hopefully on December 2nd. If there are any changes to this we will publish updates on this page.


Broome new Committee Member/Social Media


The Club would like to welcome Steve Mark Kilbourne who has joined the committee to help with the social media responsibilities. We have opened an official facebook page so that members can share their experiences, chat with other members and find out any info that they may require etc.


We are going to link it to the website so that it gives easy access from one to the other.

The facebook page will be open to members only and we would encourage members to join. As you would expect we will not tolerate offensive language or any form of racism, bullying or trollism.

We are a family friendly club and we know that the vast majority of our members wish us to remain that way.

We hope that you find the facebook page both useful and entertaining.


Cost Cutter Match Report 29/10/20


This week’s cost cutter over 60’s match was held on a wet and windy Sanctuary Lake. The rain never let up once all day and, at the moment, this weather seems to be the norm when we have these get togethers. 

The fishing itself was dire as the fish refused to get their heads down to feed, and weights proved to be very low. 

Kevin Hirons came out on top with 1lb 14oz, thanks mainly to two decent sized perch. Runner up was Chris Shore with 1lb 7oz and third your truly again with 1lb 5.5oz. 

Next weeks match will be on BJ’s.

Alan Smith 



Cost Cutter Match Report 22/10/20


This year’s first over 60’s cost cutter match was held on a blustery Smiggies lake yesterday 22nd October.  

Everyone experienced a lot of problems with the resident crayfish as the numbers seem to have exploded this year.  

Pete Hearne eventually came out on top with a respectable weight of 9lb, followed by Mick Farmery with 3lb 12oz then yours truly with 2lb.  

Next week’s match with be on Sanctuary draw 9.00am and fish 10am till 3pm.  

Alan Smith


Pike Matches on Jurassic


   The first Pike Match of the season was fished last sunday, but unfortunately there were three members bivvied up, fishing, on Jurassic. When the Piker's informed the members they moved problem, but as anyone who sets up for a carping session will know; there was a lot of gear to move!!


The Piker's have exclusive rights on the days booked for Pike Matches on Jurassic and the future dates are:


8th November

6th December

10th January

7th February 


Please check your membership book before fishing to avoid having to shift your gear when venues have been booked for matches. 



Treasurer Required


   Our current club Treasurer, Mick Winn, is unable to carry on performing the job and will be leaving his committee position at the end of the year.


This leaves a very important vacancy on the club committee. In fact it is such an important position that the club will struggle to carry on without this position being filled as soon as possible.


If you would like to considered for the job, in helping the club carry on its smooth financial duties then please contact either Alan Smith or Keith Macfarlane. Contact details for both are in your membership book.




Away League Match Cancelled


  The Away League Match that was scheduled for 27th/10/20 has had to be cancelled due to the venue being fully booked. No other venue's being available at short notice.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.




Sad News


  It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of one of our stalwart members. Peter Hyden, passed away recently after a short illness.

Peter had been a member of Broome A.S. for more years than anyone can remember. He was one of those who attended every meeting and could always be relied on to be there whenever the club needed help at the work parties and other such events, even when he was well into his eighties.

Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

R.I.P. Peter

Lost and Found


  Member, John Atkins, has lost the top two sections of his Pole whilst fishing on Colver Lake. He was fishing on peg 3 and when he was packing away he realised that they were missing. He thinks that they possibly got blown into the lake. If you do come across them please let me know at:


Hopefully we can reunite John with his Pole sections.




Lost and Found


 A Member has retrieved a rod and reel from Currans Loop at Kilworth. If you have lost the items get in touch email or ring Keith Macfarlane and we will try to reunite you with your kit.


As this message has been on the website for a few weeks now we have decided if the rod and reel is not claimed within the next two weeks (by 7th August 2020) The items will be donated to a young angler. 


Obviously we would prefer the items to go to the rightful owner but we cant expect the finder to hang on to them forever. So if you have lost them please claim them.



*Keiths number is in your membership book.


Draining of Admirals


At last we have a bit of good news. The draining and fish retrieval at Admirals lake went very well with everything going to plan. Holes were dug into the partially drained lake for the water and the fish to move into after the weed was pulled back to allow a channel of water to feed the bore holes.


There were 31 Carp from 3-7lb, 100 small carp, around 2000 silvers including a Chub of 3lb+ and 4 Tench. Numerous Perch were netted including a couple around the 3lb mark and countless Gudgeon. All of these fish have been temporarily moved to Brian's lake.


Another good thing is that there were several new faces who took the time to come and help out, and it made all the difference. A big thank you goes out once again to everyone for their efforts, it is very much appreciated by the Membership.




Broome Matches


The scheduled Broome AS matches will continue as detailed in your membership books. They will be temporarily run by Paul Edwards who lives outside of the restricted area.


Please be aware though that you should only attend the matches if you live outside of the restricted area as the government has ruled that essential travel only is allowed within the restricted area.


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