Broome Angling


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Work Party's


With the government ruling that gatherings of people from different households are still not to take place. It has been decided that the two remaining Work Party's scheduled for 7/6/20 and 14/6/20 will both be cancelled. 



Away day at Peatling 31/5/20


With Competition fishing now allowed some of the Broome matchmen booked in a Peatling Fisheries for an away day match. They booked two lakes, Crane and Canal.


Both lakes fished pretty well with some decent weights recorded. Paul Edwards was top weight on Canal with 88lb 6oz from peg 18. Second place in the field of nine was Ady Gavacole on peg 4 with 64lb 9oz. Den Porter taking third netting 54lb 7oz from peg 16.


Over on Crane it was Phil Dayman who took the honours putting 79lb 8oz on the scales for first place from peg 1. Geoff Harper second from peg 10 with 66lb 14. From the next peg and just a few ounce behind was Malc Spring with 66lb 1oz on peg 12.




Frisby Lakes (Formally Celtic Lakes)


Just to answer a couple of queries regarding where members can fish on Frisby Lakes (Formally Celtic Lakes), on your Broome ticket.


Basically you will only need to produce your Broome book to the bailiff to be able to fish from the Clubhouse right around the lake to the pegs with the River Wreake running behind you. It used to be peg 49 for anyone who knows it.


You may also fish the "point pegs" 1,2,3,and 4. The pegs through the woods and the pegs on the Island. BUT to fish these pegs you will have to produce your Broome book and also pay an extra £5.00.


The normal day ticket price is £10.00 so your Broome book will enable you to fish virtually half the lake for free and the other pegs, as mentioned, for half the normal cost.


There is NO night fishing allowed with the Broome book as a syndicate pay an extra cost for that privilege.


There is no fishing allowed on what is known as the Boys Pit (where the Log Cabins are being constructed).


There are two parking areas. The main car park in the area around the club house and the small car park which is a little further along the Frisby Road, heading toward Frisby from the main car park.


The gate to the SMALL car park must be locked as soon as you have either entered or left the venue.


The gate to the LARGE car park (opposite the Broome A.S. gate) is to be left open if it is already open when you first arrive. But locked if it is locked when you arrive. The same applies when leaving.


Hand Sanitisation at Broome Gates 

It seems that some members that are accessing our waters have been dousing the locks in neat bleach!! This has caused members who follow them through the gate later on in the day to the bleach all over their hands causing burning.

For those members who are not sure of the best way to protect themselves from the risk of coming into contact with coronavirus, the best way is to:-

  1. Sanitise your hands before you open the lock.
  2. Sanitise again before you drive through the gate.
  3. Once through, re-lock the gate and sanitise your hands once more.

Please do NOT attempt to sanitise the lock, gate or chain.


As we have stated previously, leave at least one vacant peg between yourself and anyone else who may be fishing. And maintain a 2 metre distance between yourself and anyone else who may be at the fishery.


If these rules are followed then we should all be able to carry on fishing whilst keeping the risk of infection to a minimum.

                                   Jasons to close for two Days 

We are very sorry that just after re-opening we have to tell members that Jasons Lake will have to close for some work that was booked in before the lockdown measures were brought into force. Terry Branston asked me to publish the following notice.


On Tuesday 19th May and Wednesday 20th, next week. The fallen tree in Jason’s Lake is to be removed plus four other trees are to be either removed or dangerous leaning branches to be dropped into the water prior to being pulled onto the bank and cut up. So please remember that there will be no fishing allowed on Jason’s those on those two days in line with the Tree Surgeons Insurance health and safety policy.


Thank you Terry Branston (Water Officer)

Frisby Lakes (Formally known as Celtic Lakes)

We have some good news (for a change). We have secured another years fishing at Frisby Lake (opposite Broome A.S. Frisby Complex). With angling allowed again from Wednesday 13th May, albeit within the guidelines as set down by the Angling Trust and UK Government.

There are a few extra conditions for our members to adhere too

  1. No night fishing
  2. Fishing not allowed from the island or the "Point" pegs (1,2,3 & 4). UNLESS a payment of an extra £5.00 is made to the owners. (This is half the cost of a normal day ticket).
  3. The gate to the SMALL car park MUST be kept locked at all times.
  4. The gate to the LARGE car park (opposite the Broome A.S. gate) is to be left open if it is already open when you first arrive. But locked if it is locked when you arrive.

Failure to adhere to these few simple rules may result in us losing the water and will defiantly cost the offender their membership. 




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