Broome Angling


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Here we have a Chub, his first ever, caught by Ryan. Read his account, below.


I know I haven't sent in a photo lately... not because I haven't been fishing, just because we keep forgetting the camera!!  But at 1 o'clock on the 5th of May Dad and I went fishing at Colver just so we can, hopefully, catch a decent Carp. 1 hour in, I catch my first EVER  Chub. I was so happy when we netted it because it put up one hell of a fight and the rod was bending so much i thought it was going to snap!!! This wasn't the only fish we caught we got 10+ Roach and had a massive Carp (didn't 100% know but it fought like one) on, it kept going into the weeds and eventually snapped the line. Hope you like the pic going fishing soon hope to catch some more, and take a picture.


Ryan has been busily giving his dad a run for his money again, as the pictures below prove!!




We went to Colver again and this time I didn't catch one big fish.....




I caught three big fish!!! and they all put up one hell of a fight


Dad caught lots of Carp as well but mine was a lot bigger.... as they always are!!  

hope you like the pics... 


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