Broome Angling


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Ryan Lupton


It was on the 27th April that my dad and I went to Colver. Dad sat close to another man and I went on the other side at the end. We fished, and I got off to an amazing start. My Pole float hardly had time to settle in the water before I was pulling out Roach, Perch and Bream! I actually pulled out a massive Roach that fought like a Carp (made me believe it was a Carp as well)




Unfortunately it was before dad got in the water so the competition hadn't started yet so it wasn't photographed. I caught two fish well over half a pound (not same fish that'll be stupid ). Then it all went quiet until 6pm and we had started fishing at 2pm.




Suddenly all hell broke loose.... I was in, dad was in at the same time, luckily dad got his fish out himself. Mine, however, didn't give in!! Dad landed his, then got another one. I was still fighting felt like hours, but 10 minutes after hooking the fish it gave in. What a fish it was over 5 pound of pure muscled Carp. I then hooked another this one fought like a Bull but I got this one in a bit quicker. We caught loads of other big fish but these are the best.


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