Broome Angling


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  Had another Carp today (21/6/12) weighing 21lbs 8oz. Taken from Meadow Lane, on floaters at 17:30 hrs. Only fished for 1 1/2 hrs and  pulled out of a very big fish within 15 minutes of arriving. A second fish kindly obliged about ten minutes later...


I had three Carp last week. One every evening Mon to Weds within about half an hour. Tuesdays fish was 19 lbs 4 oz and Wednesdays was 22lbs 4 oz (pictured above). Taken on floater about third cast just before the drizzle started.


 I had a 25lb Carp from Syston yesterday 25/7/2011 (Pictured), and another one of 24lb 12oz in the afternoon/evening. No-one else there though so no witnesses! Just my luck!!! but had a great day....


A 24lb 5oz, Syston Carp from 2010


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