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David Caunt Collection


dc17a dc18a

Pictures of Tench I caught today best two fish from a 16lb mixed bag.  Also put forward to the big fish list the first Tench which weighed 3lb 10oz witnessed by John Caunt Richard Gamble and Dave Burton. The second Tench weighed in at 3lb 2oz. 




 Just thought I'd send in these pics to start of the Pike big fish list. I had this 9lb 4oz'er (above) in the first five minutes followed by a 6lb'er and 9lb'er (below) a few hours later witnessed by my dad John and our mate Richard Gamble who unfortunately couldn't get a bite all day...

dc14a dc15a



   dc11  dc12

Two Pike here caught by David on Saturday 26th October 2013. Both fish were caught whilst on a session, with his father, John and a couple of mates Richard Gamble and Dave Burton. The Pike at the bottom left was a 5lb fish tempted by a popped up "Bluey". The bottom right, and top center are the same fish, a 10lb'er caught using a legered Smelt. Both fish were from Jurassic.

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