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Welcome to the Broome Angling Society website, Leicestershire's premier angling club. The club has over fourteen superb waters also membership of Leicester AMAL is included. With membership starting from only £33.00 per year it is affordable for everyone. Be it, pleasure, specimen hunting or match fishing, our club caters for them all. 

The club's Junior section is committed to helping youngsters of all ages and abilities with qualified instruction from certified instructors who have all been passed to work with children.  There is now a dedicated Junior web page, so if you have any news, photos etc send them in and show the world!!

Matchmen are catered for with weekly matches all year round at various venues. These matches can be fun or as competitive as you want to make them with optional pools and trophies to be won.

Our lakes BJ's Lakeare full of various fish, large and small. Many members enjoy trying to bag the specimen fish each season. We have a big fish list and again, trophies are awarded each season to the captor of the biggest fish of each species.

We will be publishing regular competition results. Even if you are not interested in fishing the weekly matches, it is worth looking in as you will get an insight as to which lakes are producing.

All you specimen hunters...Let us keep the "Big Fish" list up to date. Email  with your catch details and we will get your name "up in lights". That, of course, goes for ALL members...any pictures or news worthy items, Please send them in.....

At Broome Angling Society we are committed to the privacy of our members. We do not sell or pass on any Membership data to any third party. Before you decide whether or not to join the society we urge you to read our Privacy Policy

So if you want to be part of the best club, JOIN NOW! 

In normal times the club accepts applications from new members before the start of the season.  

However, the club is currently full and existing members have until June 1st to re-apply for membership. 

Therefore, applications from new members will not be accepted till June when we know how many places are available. 

If you would like your details put on a waiting list follow this link : Join 



Corona Virus/Covid-19 Updated 25th March 2021


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  There are local fisheries currently suffering problems with Fish Deaths. In order to try to contain the infections please make sure that ALL nets, weigh mats, carp sacks, stink bags etc. are thoroughly dried after every fishing session on ANY venue that you may visit.

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