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Tom Kent & Shawn Hamilton

 2014 Challenge


Keen anglers and Broome A.S. Bailiff's, Shawn Hamilton and Tom Kent have decided to undertake a series of fishing challenges to test each others ability and to have a bit of fun on the bank. They will keep us updated with their progress throughout the year. They have each set the other five challenges, plus, two challenges that they will compete in together, with points available for the completion of each challenge. Whoever wins (by scoring the most points) will receive one 24hr ticket for a Carp session at Celtic Lakes paid for by the loser. Below is a list of the challenges. The decision to take on a challenge can be made on the day BEFORE fishing commences, but once started cannot be stopped, apart from on one occasion each, only.


 Shawn's Challenge's

1.Venue: Kilworth, Lizzies Lake.

Challenge: To catch 6lb of Perch in one day session (6a.m - 10p.m or dawn until dusk.)

2.Venue: Hill Farm, Frolesworth.

Challenge: To catch twenty five fish on the feeder in one day session (6a.m. - 10p.m. or dawn until dusk.)Any species counts.

3.Venue: Kilworth, All lakes.

Challenge: To catch five different species in one day. One species from each of the five lakes. Admirals, Buffalo, Currans, Lambies and Lizzies. N.B. Should Broome gain access to Brian's for this coming season, before this challenge is attempted/completed, this challenge will extend to include that lake also, becoming six species from six lakes.

4.Venue: Hill Farm, Frolesworth.

Challenge: To catch three Carp in one day session (6a.m - 10p.m or dawn until dusk.) One rod at a time only. Each fish must weigh 10lb+. One to be caught on the surface, one to be caught on the bottom and one to be caught between the surface and the bottom. (Bait to be presented at least a foot off the bottom and at least a foot below the surface.)

5.Venue: Hill Farm, Frolesworth.

Challenge: To catch 200lbs of Carp within any chosen eight hour period. Each fish to be returned to the water after weighing, Crucian carp are counted towards this. All other species do not count. Any permitted method allowed, but only one rod to be used at any time. Allowed to tackle up before start of eight hours. First fishing rod cast starts the timer.

1 point per completed challenge.


Tom 's Challenge's

1.Venue: Kilworth.

Challenge: Your choice of Lake order. One fish from each Lake must be caught using one rod on the float. Each fish to weigh more than your previous fish. Any fish under weight will not be counted.

2.Venue: Hill Farm, Frolesworth.

Challenge: To bank eighteen Carp in one day session, Lake open until closed. Only two rods may be used.

3.Venue: BJ's Lake.

Challenge: To catch a Carp, Bream, Roach and Tench using different permitted methods and bait for each species in one 24hour session.

4.Venue:  Kilworth.

Challenge: To catch your P.B. weight 2lb 12oz, or better, in a single Perch in January, February, March or December 2014. You have three separate attempts at this. One rod only, any permitted method allowed.

Venue: Hill Farm, Frolesworth.

Challenge: To catch 200lb of carp in a day session. Lake open till Lake close. One rod only, any permitted method allowed


 Joint Challenge's


Venue: Frisby Complex, Colver. 

Challenge: Competing against Tom in a five hour match. One rod at a time only. No surface fishing. Two pegs next to each other to be chosen by both. Coin toss decides who gets choice of the two. 30 minutes tackling up time before both in. Both out in exactly five hours unless already playing a fish. Point goes to the highest weight.

Venue: Drayton Reservoir. 

Challenge: Competing with and against Tom.  

a) Both must catch a 20lb+ carp for a point each. One fails, both fail.  

b) One point for the biggest single fish.  

c) One point for highest overall weight caught. 


Seems like a pretty tough set of challenges to me!! To see how the lads are progressing just keep checking in to the following pages...


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