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Matt Stanbury Collection



Had another couple of fish out yesterday (8/3/19). Fished for an hour and half before the bad winds and rain hit. But still managed a couple of fish off the surface. A cracking 12lb 2oz Ghostie (top), and a 14lb 8oz Common.


I had another good hit of Fish from Jurassic recently

MSta11 MSta12

Fished for a few hours after finishing work on two separate occasions, taking fish up to 18lb 8oz. 


Had a lovely few doubles on the next visit up to 15lb 8oz (pictured above), again all coming off the surface.  


I have just got back from a great days sport at the Broome complex today (24/2/19). I caught seven fish from two of the lakes on the complex. 


Starting with a cracking 15lb 12oz Ghostie from Jurassic lake (above).





 I then went on to catch a further six fish from Jasons lake, after moving over there in the afternoon for a few hours. The smallest fish being 9lb and the biggest 13lb 8oz.


MSta09 MSta10



All of the fish were caught on the surface using dog biscuits as bait and freebies. 


I cannot remember having that much fun, surface fishing in February. Ever.


Can’t wait to get back and have a few more red letter sessions.


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