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Lizzies Carp Lake


Dark Orange 2-3ft depth

Medium Orange 4-5ft depth

Light Orange 6-7ft depth 

We have Jason Kirby to thank for providing us with this bathymetric map of Lizzies Lake. Bathymetric maps are chartsof the depths and features/structures in the water. This photo only shows the depths. The black dot on top of the map indicates where the road is in relation to the lake.

Lizzies Carp Lake 01


Lizzie’s Lake was the first lake on the complex to be developed and has been well established since 1989.  It is surrounded by flat grass banks with 30 well spaced pegs which are easily accessible particularly for disabled anglers and also has onsite toilet facilities.

Lizzie’s lake is approx. eight feet deep although slightly shallower nearer to the island, it is stocked with a good mixture of Common, Mirror, Ghost and Grass Carp many of these run to double figures.  In addition to these you will also find some lovely Tench, and a mixture of silver fish, although the anglers that normally fish this lake are targeting the larger specimen Carp.



Lizzies Carp Lake 02


Baits to use would include sweetcorn, maggot, luncheon meat and Pellet. 

Techniques to use would include both traditional and modern carping techniques, the use of a Method Feeder on the bottom, and a waggler in shallower water, where fishing to both the Island and the margins can all prove to be very productive. 


Lizzies Carp Lake 03


We have Tom Lloyd to thank for sending in this photo of a sunset over Lizzies Lake