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Lambies Snake


Lambies Snake 01


Lambies Snake Lake is just that, a snake like lake well stocked with a mix of common, Mirror, Crucian and Ghost Carp running to about 12lbs.  There are also a good head of silver fish Rudd, Roach, Skimmers, Chub etc.

With 15 concrete slab pegs, Lambies is ideal for pleasure fishing or for small matches.

Another ideal pole or waggler lake, Lambie’s is again between five and six feet at it’s deepest in the central channel.

 Lambies Snake 02



Popular baits tend to be maggot, casters, sweetcorn , pellets and paste, tail end of a worm.

Whichever technique you choose to use, the best thing to do is to keep things light, most anglers because of the size of fish in this water, do well using either a size 16 or 18 hook or nothing much stronger than a 3lb line.