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De-weeding at Kilworth 2020


After a couple of frustrating years due to weather conditons stopping the possibility of work being carried out the two lakes that have been adversly affected by weed and silt problems, Admirals and Buffalo Loop, are being sorted out.

ks90 ks91 ks92

As you can see above the problem was pretty severe to say the least!!


ks105 ks130

The heavy guys had to be brought in


KS104 ks99 ks100 ks117

Quite a lot of work involved




ks125 ks122 ks119 ks129




Soon be ready to get the water back in and be once again useable.

Many thanks to Keith Macfarlane, Terry Branston and Colin Woodcock for supplying the images and to all that have given up their time to help out.