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I've just got back from 5 hrs on Jason's, peg 19. I fancied a change after two blanks on BJ's. I'd seen carp showing themselves a few days earlier so I cast out a groundbait method with two dead reds on the hook. I had five skimmers about 8 to 10 oz then the carp moved in!! Seven carp later, a 10 oz crucian and 2 lb tench... I didn't weigh them or get any photos I was too cold , but I'd guess 35 to 40 pound. I was very pleased. However I'd have swapped the lot to have landed the perch I lost in the near margin on red maggot on the pole, over two pound. The double maggot folded over the hook and masked the hook point.... Gutted!! I will be back to have another go at the lakes perch population.



 Just returned from a few hours on BJ's. With the mild weather I decided to have an evening on the lake. The weed cutting has done a great job. I have had two Carp out on maize, one 7lb common and this wood carving common weighing 12lb 14oz that really did show herself off for the camera.




Pictures of my recent fish,  caught on BJ's Lake. Both were caught in September on maize hookbaits. The common was 13lb dead and the mirror was 12lb 5oz.



I fished the first peg below the moored boats fishing at 9 Meters on the Pole with bread punch and fluro pinkie as bait. Feeding hemp and a nugget of groundbait every run through. I took the picture whilst the light was good but ended up with another 3lb or so, total about 8lb, fish to 6oz.


A white claw crayfish from Smiggies   





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