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Guy Thorne Collection


Here we have a collection of big Carp from netted by Guy Thorne over the last couple of years, all caught at Meadow Lane, Syston.

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I arrived at the lake to find the entire lake frozen over.



 Once I'd decided where I could safely land a fish I set about smashing a channel in the ice. As you can see from photo the ice was quite thick.




 Once I was happy with the ice I baited my rig with some homemade highly soluble paste. Imagine my surprise when after all the disturbance an hour after casting out my rod was away. I plunged the rod under the ice as the fish tore line off my reel, luckily the fish decided to turn around and swim right back to me and went in the net at the 1st time of asking.




 "Come on" I shouted out feeling elated at such a capture. Now that is a true winter carp.