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The Dangers of Floating Pennywort

First published 27/5/2010


We would like to thank Broome AS Member Ian Johnson, who works for the environment agency, for supplying us with this article about the dangers of Floating Pennywort.





As many of you are probably aware non native FLOATING PENNYWORT has been a problem on much of the Soar (including Rothley) for several years.  In conjunction with Leicester City Council and British Waterways the Environment Agency has implemented an action plan to try and control it’s spread and impact along the Soar and connected rivers.  However it is still present in the Soar and is very good at colonising new areas because even the smallest fragments can establish themselves if they have roots. 



During the summer individual plants can grow by up to 20cm a day leading to the large beds of Floating Pennywort seen along the river in late summer.

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