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Coping with Covid-19


We have Tom Kent to thank for taking the time to write this feature for us on ways that you might find helpful in coping with the Covid-19 Lockdown.


Hello all, 


               In these increasingly difficult times, it is easy to get downhearted about being stuck at home with nothing to do. We as anglers enjoy the tranquillity and freedom of our pursuit, be it match, pleasure, carp or specimen hunting. That feeling of being at one with nature, the joy we feel when a robin comes to visit, begging for a few maggots. That moment the lucky kingfisher flies across and blesses our swim, promising a good result. The camaraderie of fishing a match against our friends or the enjoyment of fishing our favourite peg for a big carp, tench or perch. Whatever your preference, I know we are all missing it dearly, waiting impatiently for the day the Government say we can once again leave our homes and indulge ourselves in our sport, our hobby, our passion.  

   However, until that day arrives, there are a few things we can do to pass the time, and also to prepare ourselves for hitting the banks once again. Remember all those little fishing related tasks you keep saying you’re going to do? Well, now is the time to do them. Think about how good it will feel, to not only be back by the water, but to be organised and ready to be back. When we do finally get there, those fish are going to ravenous. They won’t have seen an anglers bait for weeks and they should hopefully, be crawling up the line.  

   So, here are a few ideas to keep you busy and keep you in contact with your tackle. 


1.   Rig making – we all talk about making up pole rigs, hair rigs or traces in advance to save ourselves time on the bank. Why not spend a day, a morning, an afternoon doing them? Then, when you get out next, you can spend more time with a rig in the water.  




2.   Change/charge your batteries - bite alarms, headtorches, cameras. Don’t get caught out on your first trip out for weeks. Remember, the fish will be hungry. A new PB could be at stake!  


3.   Clean your rods/poles - how many times do you look at the bream slime on that feeder rod or the mud on those expensive pike rods you treated yourself to and think ‘I’ll clean that off later’. It’s still there isn’t it.....? 


4.   Organise/clean/tidy your tackle bag/box - that smelly hemp tin you left in your bag last time you went? The 3lbs of mud your box got covered in after the rains of storm Ciara? What about that packet of swivels you dropped in your box and they all fell out? Or that loaf of bread you were using to catch roach on punch? It’s still in/on there isn’t it.....? 


5.   Paint your floats/quivertips - we’ve all been there. You bought half a dozen floats the same in case you lose or break one or more, but they’re all orange/red. Then the light changes and you think ‘wish this had a black tip, or a yellow tip’. A couple of pots of antenna colour and some Tippex, and you’re sorted.  





6.   Make some bait - boilies can be made quite cheaply and easily (But remember at Broome boilies can only be used on Jurassic). So can a floater cake, with a similar recipe. Or what about a bit of cheese paste? There is a wealth of knowledge out there.... For some, catching on a homemade bait makes the capture that bit more special. 


7.   Internet shopping – many online angling stores are still delivering. You haven’t been using any fuel recently or been buying a lot of the things you perhaps normally would. Think how much you’ve saved on bait alone. Now might be the time to treat yourself to that reel or unhooking mat you wanted or the new fishing coat you promise yourself every winter when you’re shivering on the bank? 


8.   Undertake or create an online challenge – a few weeks ago, there was an online challenge whereby you had to stand two rod lengths from a toilet roll placed on the floor, and cast a lead into the cardboard tube in as few attempts as possible. Sound easy? Why not give it a go? Or, make up your own challenge and spread the word. 


9.   Plan your first fishing trip – even just talking to your angling buddy about where you’re going to go, how you’re going to fish, which bait, which rig, which species, can help keep the fire lit. It’s so easy to lose motivation at the moment. Give yourself something to look forward to. 


10.        Watch a DVD or online video – remember that fishing DVD you got for your birthday and never watched? In addition, video sharing sites on the internet are plentiful these days, and so is the amount of content on them. Coarse, match, sea, carp, pike. It’s all there for the viewing. Plenty of them are tutorial based too, so you might even learn something that will help put a few more on the bank or boat next time. 


11.        Play a fishing game – ahhh, the digital age. I’m sure it’s called a smartphone because it’s smarter than I am! Your store app will have loads of fishing games available for downloading. Some are rubbish, but try a few out. The simulator based ones are best for serious gamers and serious anglers alike. My simulated PBs are better than my actual PBs! They can be very addictive though, so make sure your phone is charged..... 


12.        Relive past captures – how many of us take catch photos and then put them on a laptop or external hard drive and then never look at them again? Memories of a PB or a funny occurrence can come flooding back just by looking at those old pictures. 


13.        Reel maintenance – you know that reel with the sticky bail arm? And that other one with the line that’s two seasons old that you keep meaning to change? What about that new one you bought a year ago that is still sitting unused in its box? Well, break out the spools of line. Get out your screwdrivers. Dig out or purchase some reel grease and oil and get busy.  





14.        Exercise – it’s important to keep active at the moment. Load up your trolley or barrow and take a walk round the garden. Fill a couple of your fishing buckets up with water or bags of pellets/groundbait to make some makeshift, fishing themed dumb bells.  


15.        Don’t lose hope friends. Lockdown does have an upside and it will be over soon. Keep yourselves, your loved ones and each other safe. Stay home for now, keep yourself busy with these tips and get ready for some fishing. I, like the rest of you, wouldn’t even be stopped by my sharking outfit when we do finally get the go ahead.  


   Lastly, thank you to all our key workers out there, keeping the country fed and healthy, and thank you to all those reading this. I hope to see you, talk to you and maybe even fish with you when all this is over. Until then, stay safe. 


Tom Kent.