Broome Angling


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20. Parking of vehicles at the Society Waters.

(i) Narborough. Members are to park their vehicles between the Cattle Grid and the Farm on the left hand side of the driveway near the chicken huts. Members must be as quiet as possible when in the vicinity of the farm house so as not to disturb the owners and their stock. Members are not to leave their vehicles parked on the main road. This will result in Police action being taken as the main road is a clearway.

(ii) Frolesworth, Hill Farm. Cars should be parked on the hard standing Car Park only.

(iii) Frisby Lakes. Parking is allowed on designated car parks only, also the gate must be kept locked at all times.

(iv) Kilworth Parking is in dedicated Car Park only


21. Membership cards should be carried at all times. Failure to do so will result in the person being asked to cease fishing and leave the water. Members must be in possession of a current rod licence and may be asked for it by bailiffs.

22. A photograph of each member must be affixed in the front cover of the Membership Book. If this is not present the book will be treated as invalid and the person asked to cease fishing and leave the water.

23. At all times members should remember that they are representatives of the Society and should behave as such whilst on the Society waters. Any member bringing the Society into disrepute or causing annoyance to other members or members of the public is liable to have their membership withdrawn by the Committee.

24. Members MUST NOT fish on swims reserved for matches on match days for at least three hours before the match is due to commence.

25. A copy of the Society rules, constitution and Bye-laws can be obtained on request from the Secretary.

26. Members must have their Leicester Amalgamated Membership Book with them when fishing Amalgamated Society Waters and must abide by Amalgamated Rules.

27. Bloodworm, joker, and all artificial baits (plastic) are prohibited on all Society waters.

28. When fishing Pike matches, fish used as live bait must be caught on the same day and from the same venue.

29. At Hill Farm groundbait is only allowed in swimfeeders and pole cups.

30. Boilies are allowed on Jurassic lake, at Frisby. ONLY. Tiger nuts and peanuts are banned on all club waters. This rule must be strictlyb observedin the interests of harmony with other anglers.

31. No more than 2 rods per angler is allowed at all club waters.

32. All anglers fishing for Carp on Jurassic Lake must be in possession of an unhooking mat.

33. Barbless hooks only are to be used on all club waters except Flash Farm. The only exception is when fishing for Pike.

Kilworth Sticks (Additional Rules)

1. No fishing on the lake in front of the house.

2. No one allowed on the fishery between the hours of 10.00pm and 6.00am.

3. Strictly no parking or driving on the grass anywhere on the complex.

4. Noise must be kept to an absolute minimum in consideration for the house and Industrial Unit occupiers.

5. Parking must be in the dedicated anglers car park in the complex and NOT in the Industrial Units car park.

6. Any Signal Crayfish caught at Kilworth must be disposed of, as it is illegal to return them to the water.

Frisby Lakes (new venue from 2020, formally known as Celtic Lakes)

1. Fishery Rules Apply (

2. No night fishing allowed with Broome A.S. Book

3. No fishing from the Island or the "Point" (pegs 1,2,3,and 4 past the clubhouse) unless an additional £5.00 ticket is purchased from the Fishery.


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