Broome Angling


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Tom Kent Collection





On Sunday 24th January, I headed over to Kilworth with the intention of fishing for fun. No specimen perch hunting for a change, just enjoying catching whatever was feeding. I set up on Lizzies with a 13ft float rod and fixed spool reel, loaded with 6lb line to a loaded float and on to a 4lb hook link, tied to a size 14 spade hook. I started feeding my swim with red maggots, casters and a bit of hemp. My first cast resulted in a small roach. Then I had a small perch on the next. For the next four hours, I caught steadily and ended up with a net of Roach, Rudd and Perch weighing 14lb 4oz. The best roach weighed 12oz and the best of the 14 perch was 1lb 12oz. After a productive morning, I decided to move as my spot had gone dead and the crayfish moved in.




  I ended up on Curran's  and decided on a spot. After about 45 minutes with no activity, I was just losing faith in the spot when my float slowly dipped slightly and then sank away. My strike connected me with what I immediately knew was a good perch,  confirmed seconds later  when it broke the surface, thrashed around and came off! My best on that lake is 2lb 8oz. This one would have beaten it. Gutted. I did feel slightly better though, when, about 30-40 minutes later, I hooked and landed the stunning 12lb ghost carp pictured, a lake personal best.






  Went to Kilworth on Sunday 20th September and fished on Lizzies. Started a bit early really, but I thought I’d have my first Perch session of the season. Caught three in total. One was only about 6oz. The other two (pictured) weighed 1lb 11oz and 15oz. Caught on float tackle with prawn hook baits, using a 13ft match rod with the trusty pin. Also caught three Carp on the same method and bait, from Currans later in the day, up to about 7lb


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