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Rothley River Soar

This stetch of the River Soar was aquired in the autumn of 2009. Together with the two small lakes it is a welcome addition the the Broome AS portfolio. The River fished very well before the long cold winter set in with reports of good nets of Roach and the odd Bream coming to Pole. Waggler and Stick float tactics. There are residential Houseboats moored on the River and members are asked to respect the privacy of the residents. This is, by far, the biggest and widest stretch of flowing water controlled by the club and we are sure that all of you River enthusiasts will be testing their running water skills, once June 16th comes along.

Rothley Soar 01

Rothley Soar 02

Rothley Soar 03

Many thanks go to Ian Watson for the images, above, of the River at Rothley taken from the car park swims. Captured on a fine winters day.

Rothley River

A late summer view taken from further downstream past the moored Boats.