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Away Day at Peatling "B Lake"

There were 14 starters on the latest of the Away day matches (24/3/19) and "Lake B" at Peatling Pools was the venue. On a fine spring morning it was surprisingly slow fishing in the first half of the match with just the odd fish coming out around the lake.

It was around the two hours to go mark when the decisive action started to happen. Phil Dayman made use of a good draw on the day by putting 96lb 11oz on the scales to win by a distance. Most of Phil's fish coming from the inside margins of peg 23 to take the top prize.

Malc Spring was one of the few who caught reasonably well through most of the day. his fish, mainly, smaller F1's came from close in beneath a overhanging tree on peg 41. Malc's 62lb 5oz enough to take second place. Paul Cooke marked his return to fishing by carrying out his normal habit of drawing a flyer . Loads of fish were next to the corner island and Cookie netted 60lb 12oz by catching them on the straight lead from peg 21.

Kev Hirons took Section 1 with 47lb 8oz from peg 6. Section 2 going to Mark Akiens, on peg 45 with 53lb 7oz.

Away Day at Peatling "C Lake"

The latest of the Away Days (10/3/19) once again went to Peatling Pools Fishery. Probably owing to the weather conditions there were only seven starters on "C Lake". It was a good day for Mark Akiens, though, who won by a good distance. Weighing in with 89lb 14oz he took the win by a wide margin from peg 20. Phil Sansby was his closest challenger, Phil taking second place on the day with 46lb 14oz from peg 10.

Away Day at Peatling "E Lake"

The original plan was to have an Away day at Gilmorton Lakes but after having booked the pegs required in advance, when the lads turned up for the draw there were carp anglers bivvied up on three of the pegs!!! Even though there were signs up saying that the pegs were booked.

It was a hasty switch to nearby Peatling Pools where, fortunately, Lake E was free. Vinnie Logie took the honours in a close battle for the top prize. Vinnie netted 71lb 4oz from peg 24 to finish just 1lb 3oz in front of Paul Edwards. Paul, drawn on peg 12, had to settle for the runner-up spot with 70lb 1oz.

Section 1 was won by Keith Macfarlane weighing in with 30lb 2oz from peg 10. Gavin Norton took home the Section 2 prize from peg 22 with 18lb 2oz.

Away Day at Peatling "E Lake"

Twelve anglers fished in the latest Away Day match, once again Peatling Pools was the venue and "E" Lake was the chosen water.

For the second Away day match in succession it was Julian Stretton who came out on top. Drawn on peg 26 Julian weighed in with 43lb 6oz to take the first prize. Also, once again, it was Paul Edwards who finished second. Paul netting 34lb 6oz from peg 16.

Phil Dayman took Section 1 from peg 4 with 29lb 5oz. Section 2 going to Phil Sansby, Phil weighing in with 24lb from peg 18.

Away Day at Peatling "D Lake"

Lake "D" at Peatling Pools was the venue for the latest Away Day match. Thirteen were present for the draw on a very cold day.

Justin Stretton pulled out the fancied peg 29 and made good use of it. His 66lb 13oz was enough to take first prize on the day. Over on peg 2 Paul Edwards continued his good run of form, taking the runner-up prize with 52lb 6oz.

Section 1 was won by Simon Blackwell from peg 6 with 16lb 5oz. Den Porter taking Section 2 from peg 26 with 42lb.

Away Day at Peatling

In the first "Away Day" match of 2019, twelve members fished at Peatling lake "C". On such a prolific venue the results were a little disappointing and it just goes to show that the fishing is pretty tough wherever you go at the moment .

Kevin Hirons took the top spot on the day with a respectable weight of 33lb 15oz. It was quite a close battle with Mick Nash though. With Kev on peg 11 and Mick on peg 23 it was touch and go throughout. Kev just pulled ahead in the dying moments to leave Mick in the runner-up position 3lb or so behind with 30lb 1oz.

Section 1 went to Den Porter on peg 12. Den weighing in with 18lb 6oz. Keith Macfarlane's 26lb 5oz from peg 13 was enough to take the Section 2 prize.

Colver Sweepstake

In the dying embers of 2018 twelve members fished a Sweepstake match on Colver. The winner and second place coming from adjoining pegs! The rather bizarre thing was that they were actually nine pegs apart!!! There was a rumour circulating the matchmen that Keith had been at the cooking sherry that morning, as Den Porter, on peg 31, had nine empty pegs on either side if him... .

One person who wasn't complaining, though, was Den!! Weighing in with 59lb 10oz Den ended the year on a high with an easy win. Runner-up was Gavin Norton. Gavin caught well from the off on peg 21 and it looked as if it would be a close battle with Den. But in the last couple of hours the fish dried up leaving Gav with 41lb 11oz for second place.

It was good to see Mick Davis back on the bank again after a difficult year and he took the top weight on the low numbered bank. His 26lb 7oz of bread caught fish earning him the Section 1 prize from peg 4. Steve Beckhurst taking section 2 from peg 18 with 22lb 8oz.  



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