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Sanctuary Sweepstake


There was a pretty low turn out for a sweepstake match organised to be fished on Sanctuary last Sunday (24/3/17) with just five members taking part. Those who did attend caught a few fish between them though. Simon Blackwell taking the honours on the day with 20lb from peg 11. Not too far behind was Jason Farmery who fished peg 6 netting 19lb 8oz. Coming in third was dad, Mick, who weighed in with 9lb from peg 4.


River Soar at Rothley


Unbeknown to the committee, the landowner at Rothley has sadly passed away. The two fields containing the River Soar frontage have been sold to one of the Boat owners. The new landowner intends to increase the mooring along most of the length of the River that we fish. Consequently he does not want any fishing along there, so our fishing rights are terminated forthwith.


On the subject of Rivers please be aware that the River fishing season closed on March 15th. As we now only have River fishing rights at Flash Farm, this is now closed for angling until the new season opens on June 16th.


Colver Sweepstake


Fourteen members fished a sweepstake match on Colver last Sunday (12/3/17). With the weather much better this week expectations were high!! Sadly, though the fish thought otherwise and the weights were not quite as good as expected.


Malc Spring won the day with 28lb 5oz from peg 41, with Jason Farmery and Phil Sansby in hot pursuit. Jason just getting second place with 26lb 12oz from peg 12. Phil less than a pound behind from next peg 14 with 24lb 9oz.


Simon Blackwell took Section 1 with 16lb 2oz from peg 39, with Section 2 won by Paul Edwards from peg 23 with 23lb 3oz.


Sanctuary Sweepstake


On a pretty awful day weather-wise eight members fished a sweepstake match on Sanctuary lake. Sadly the fishing turned out to be just a disappointing as the weather.


Club Chairman, Alan Smith, had one of his rare match day visits but he finished top rod on the day. Just 1lb 8oz was enough for Alan to collect the first prize from peg 4 ...and he was the only angler to break a pound!!


Mick Farmery took the runner up spot with 8oz from peg 8 with Keith Macfarlane coming in third from peg 6 with 5oz.


Those who decided to stay in bed for a Sunday morning lay in were to be commended for their fine judgement!!


Predator fishing on AMAL waters


As you will know being a Broome Member also entitles you to fish on the AMAL waters listed in the AMAL membership book that is provided alongside your Broome membership book.


It has been reported that some Anglers fishing on the AMAL stretches of the River Soar have been told that predator fishing was to be banned by the AMAL.


This is absolutely NOT the case


So, if Predator fishing is your game then please carry on


Many thanks to Ian Watson for getting confirmation of the above, and also to John Caunt for raising the original enquiry.


Colver Sweepstake


Eleven members fished a sweepstake match on Colver lake last Sunday (29/1/17). After all of the freezing weather the prospects were not too high, but most thought it would be a little better than what it was!!


Mick Farmery took the honours with just 3lb 2oz from peg 23. Second place went to Mick Nash, who weighed in with 2lb 5oz from peg 41. Den Porter took Section 1 with 1lb 14oz from peg 2, with Rob Smith taking Section 2 with 15oz.


Meadow Lane


The sale of Meadow Lane Fishery, Syston has now been completed and the water is no longer owned by Broome A.S. Therefore the water can no longer be fished on a Broome Membership Book.


Jasons Sweepstake Match


With a break in between Winter League Matches ten members fished a sweepstake match on Jason's lake.


On what was a pretty miserable day weather wise, the fishing didn't fair much better!! Keith Macfarlane, on peg 15, came out on top with 8lb 10oz. Not too far behind was Dave Kimber. Dave weighing in with 7lb 8oz from peg 10 to take the runner-up spot.


Section 1 was won by Simon Pepper with just 1lb 10oz from peg 6. Phil Dayman taking Section 2 from peg 21 with 3lb 2oz.



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