Broome Angling


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Frisby Work Party

The work party last Sunday (10/6/18) was the final one for the season and we were back at Frisby Complex. Once again our thanks go out to all those who have managed to spare a little of their time throughout the work party season . It is surprising just how much has been done.




There was, of course the usual match for all those who were interested, and it was Colver that was the venue. With fifteen taking part it was almost like a Sunday League Match .


Paul Cooke took the honours with the top weight of the day, weighing in with 80lb 7oz from peg 4. Second place going to Steve Kinch who took 58lb 15oz to the scales from peg 26. Malc Spring completing the frame places with 43lb 12oz from peg 16 or third place.


Section 1 went to Pete Heane who netted 35lb 14oz from peg 14. Geoff Harper winning Section 2 from peg 30 with 40lb 4oz, and Keith Macfarlane completing the prize winners with a Section 3 win from peg 37 with 40lb 15oz.


Night Fishing at Hill Farm, Frolesworth

Just to clarify, we have been asked by some members whether night fishing is allowed at Hill Farm, Frolesworth. The answer is yes it is allowed but no one may enter or leave the venue between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

So if you wish to night fish the venue you must arrive before 10pm and can not leave before 6am. This is so that the farmer is not disturbed by vehicles driving past the farm house.


Kilworth Work Party

The work party last Sunday (3/6/18) went back to the Kilworth Sticks Complex. There was more work on overhanging branches on all of the lakes. The big tree that had fallen into Lizzies lake was cleared onto the island, a mega task!! We would like to have cleared more of the overhanging trees on Currans but because of lack of volunteers, it was not possible. Once again many thanks go out to all those who gave up a few hours of their Sunday to help out. Those that did turn out, really did get "stuck in" and it was amazing that so much was done it really is appreciated and a big thank you goes out from all of the members for your hard work .


The work party Match was held on Currans with ten of the volunteers taking part. With the hot sun beating down there were a lot of Carp cruising on the surface, some real "torpedo's" at that!! Gavin Norton continued with his fine run of form with another win, but it was very close between the top three. Gavin, on peg 9, caught nearly all his fish in the first couple of hours and took 37lb 7oz to the scales to claim the top prize. Very close behind, though, was Mark Akiens next to Gavin on peg 5. Mark ended just 6oz behind with 37lb 1oz, a lot of foul hooked and lost Carp would have cost him the win. Just another 9oz behind Mark was Paul Cooke, who took Section 1 with 36lb 8oz from peg 15. Keith Macfarlane completing the prize winners from peg 22 with 28lb 5oz to win Section 2.

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