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 Final Frisby Work Party 2017  


The final Work Party of this season has now been completed With the Island on Colver completed. The reeds on peg 4,5 and 6 in Jasons cut right back. Most of the roots have been removed so that we can keep the growth under some sort of control.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused but the work done is essential in the upkeep of your fishery.


There has been a low turnout for all of the sessions this year which is disappointing, but those who have given a helping hand have worked very hard indeed!! A heartfelt thank you goes out to each and every one of you from all our members .


There was a work party "Knock-up" on Colver for those helpers interested and it was quite a close affair with Paul Cooke coming out on top with 56lb 12oz from peg 17. Jason Farmery on next peg, 14, was just 5lb or so behind with 51lb 10oz. Section 1 went to Steve Beckhurst on peg 34, Steve weighing in with 50lb 10oz. Den Porter completing the prize winners with 46lb 8oz from peg 7 to take Section 2.




Final Work Party 2017


It will be the final work party of the season this coming Sunday (11/6/17). There has been a lot of work done at Frisby so there isn't a great deal left to do. But please come along and help out.


As usual Frisby Complex will be closed until 1pm for anyone who has not helped with the work. But Kilworth will be open as normal.


There will be a match on Colver for anyone interested who has helped out on the day.


Last weeks match was on Colver and was won by Keith Macfarlane with a good weight of 85lb 13oz from peg 31. Phil Sansby must have a golden drawing arm at the moment as he drew Keith's peg for him as well as his own...Phil taking the runner-up position with 73lb from peg 28!! . Third place went to Mark Akiens with another good weight 56lb from peg 7.


Section 1 went to Steve Beckhurst who netted 35lb 14oz from peg 12 and Den Porter weighing in with 50lb 2oz from peg 43 to take Section 2.



Membership Books For New Season


Membership books for the 2017/18 season were posted on Tuesday 30th May to both current members and new members whose applications were received through the post by Saturday 27th May. 


I'll try and deal with all further applications within a couple of days of receiving them. 


If you don't receive your book, please wait a couple of days before contacting me in case it's just a delay with the post.  


Current members who have not received their new books can fish on their 2016/17 book till the locks change on 8th June 2017. 


Enjoy your fishing 

Malcolm Shooter (Membership Secretary)


Frisby Work Party 2017


With the work at Kilworth Sticks now complete all of the remaining Work Party's will be at Frisby Complex.


There was a good turn out for last Sunday (28/5/17). With the concentration on Jasons, Colver and Sanctuary. Half of the Island on Colver was cleared and trees were pruned up on Jasons. There is still quite a lot of work to be done but the complex is already looking in a lot better shape. Once again a big thank you goes out to all those you turned up to lend a hand.


This week saw eleven fishing the knock-up on Jasons Lake after the work had been completed for the day. Mick Farmery took first place with 39lb 12oz from....yes you guessed it....peg 4 . It was also a familiar story for the runner-up place with Malc Spring netting 27lb 3oz from Peg 6.


Section 1 was won by Mark Akiens from peg 9 with 24lb. Paul Edwards winning Section 2 with 22lb 10oz from peg 14



Hope to see you there!!



Kilworth/Frisby Work Party's 2017


Last Sunday (21/5/17) The Work Party went back to Kilworth to finish off some of the jobs from the previous session. Again, all those who attended are given out thanks for giving up a few hours of your Sunday morning to help out. It is very much appreciated .


There was, of course, the after work match for those interested and Currans loop was the chosen venue. Looking at the top three results it seems to have fished quite well for the eight starters. Phil Dayman coming out on top with a good weight of 45lb from peg 24. Second place went to Paul Cooke who drew peg 15 and put 29lb 4oz on the scales, just beating Mark Akiens by 4oz.... Mark coming in third with 29lb from end peg 30.



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