Broome Angling


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Upcoming Society Events 

Match secretary, Keith Macfarlane has asked me to remind Members that the annual Fur & Feather Match will take place on Sunday 30th September on Colver Lake. The draw for pegs will be in the main Frisby Car Park at 8.30am. If you would like to take part you must book in with Keith as soon as possible so that prizes can be purchased. Anyone who takes part will get a prize.

Furthermore, The Chairman's League is due to start on 7th October 2018 with the first round being fished at Kilworth Sticks on Currans and Lambies. If you would like to take part in this League then you must also book your place, with Keith, in advance. Again he would like to know as soon as possible. (Keith's telephone number is in your membership book). 

Kilworth Toilets

Members, please note that the Toilet Block at Kilworth Sticks will be closed from October 1st for the winter. They will re-open in the Spring, around the end of March. The water will be turned off and drained in order to prevent the frost damage that we have previously encountered.

Crayfish Traps.....Again!!!

Despite numerous requests, warnings etc we are still having problems with crayfish traps being tampered with. This time two traps were pulled in and emptied at Lizzies Lake, Kilworth.

As these requests and warning are clearly being ignored we are arranging for one of the CCTV Camera's to be directed toward Lizzies Lake. If the person/people are identified they will expelled from the club and banned from re-joining.

Wednesday Evening "Knock-Up"

As the Wednesday Evening League has now been completed, nine of the members fished a Knock-up match  last Wednesday Evening. And boy....did it fish well!! Jason Farmery drew on peg 35 and had a magnificent three and a half hour weight of 116lb 4oz....Well done Jay!!. The back-up weights were pretty impressive as well with Paul Edwards coming in second with 75lb 8oz.


Just 1oz behind was Chris Crane, who took Section 1 with 75lb 7oz from peg 27. Section 2 going to Keith Macfarlane who netted 64lb 14oz from peg 41.

Crayfish Traps

I have received this message from one of our Water Officers, Terry Branston, regarding the ever troublesome subject of Crayfish Traps


 It seems as though someone is constantly interfering with the Crayfish Traps. Today (25th July)I found three traps on Smigges that had been pulled in and emptied back into the Lake.


  We have been told that a new member is against all killings of Cormorants, Mink, or Crayfish. No one at the club likes to harm any animals/birds etc. but they do need to be kept under control. It is, in fact, against the Law to return non native Crayfish to any water coarse!!


These are disposed of humanely for Pest Control Reasons, and the club carry all relevant licenses. 


  I have to register the amount of crayfish caught each time I renew the clubs licences, and report the numbers back to the Environment Agency.

This problem has been discussed by the Committee and anyone caught interfering with, emptying, or moving Crayfish traps faces being expelled from the club.

Terry Branston (Broome A.S. Water Officer)



Charnwood Teach-in Day's

I have been informed that the Charnwood teach-in days have been cancelled due to Charnwood not having supplied any names etc of any youngsters who wish to take part. Therefore Colver will remain open to all members as normal on both 27th July and 3rd August



Crayfish at Smiggies Lake

We have had reports that some anglers catching Crayfish on Smiggies lake have been returning them to the water thinking that they are native White Claw Crayfish. We can only assume that these are new members who are unaware that the Crayfish in Smiggies are in fact Turkish Crayfish and are an invasive species.


It is against the law to return them to the water and they must be disposed of. Returning these, or the American Signal Crayfish which inhabit Lizzies lake, or transferring them to another lake carries a £1000 fine per incident from the E.A.


The E.A. issues licences for the capture and disposal of Crayfish using Crayfish traps and our water officer Terry Branston holds twelve licences from the E.A. for use on our waters.

Evening League Rescheduled

Due to England's progress in the World Cup the Evening League Match that was scheduled to take place on Wednesday 11th July will now be fished on Thursday 12th July. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Any complaints should be sent to Mr G.Southgate C/O The F.A. Lancaster Gate, London. .


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