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Away Day at Peatling Plough & Harrow Lakes

Thirteen Members fished the latest Away Day match. It was held on the popular Peatling Fisheries, and our match was held on both plough and Harrow lakes.

Harrow lake fished much the better of the two with Pete Heane winning the day with 49lb 11oz from peg 26 on Plough. Steve Kinch running him close, on peg 9 Plough, with 47lb 15oz. In a close competition Den Porter was also not far behind. Den netting 46lb 5oz for third place on peg 17, also on Plough.

Mark Akiens was the only prize winner on Harrow lake, his 19lb 3oz from peg 7 giving him a section win. Section 2 was won by Vinnie Logie with 30lb 9oz from peg 22 on Plough.

Away Day at Peatling Lake "A"

There were twelve members at Peatling Pools Lake "A" to fish an Away Day match. the weather was pretty good for the time of year with a strong breeze blowing toward one edge of the lake, the odd shower and some bright sunshine in between.

It was a pretty slowish start and although everyone caught fish it was a little disappointing for what can be a prolific water on its day. Paul Edwards was top rod on the day with 66lb 3oz on peg 39. Most of Paul's fish coming from the middle to the end of the match with the inside margins providing some good fish.

Den Porter fished a similar sort of match to Paul, with, again, the Pole fished margins providing good sport. which was pretty surprising considering how clear the lake was. Den took the runner up spot with 54lb 14oz from peg 35.

Keith Macfarlane took Section 1 with 50lb 10oz from peg 14. Section 2 going to Chris Crane with 50lb 8oz from peg 32. 

Reserving of Swims

I have been asked Broome Water Officer Terry Branston to pass on this message

Our lakes are for the benefit of all members whatever your intended species. We have been notified that some members have been turned away at Frolesworth as they have been told that it’s a Carp syndicate water. IT IS NOT. None of our lakes are, and secondly no one is allowed to reserve a peg unless it’s a scheduled match that’s set down in your membership book. So feel free to fish any swim that suits your style of fishing.  


For The Committee. 


Away Day at Jansons Fishery

Eleven members travelled to Nottinghamshire to fish an Away Day match at Jansons Fishery, on the newly opened Aubrey's Lake. There were a lot of bites to be had, with most getting good nets of fish.

Chris Crane was top rod on the day weighing in with 70lb 8oz from peg 9. It was very close at the top with just 8oz separating the top two. Simon Blackwell just missing out with 70lb from peg 20 earning him the runner-up spot.

Gavin Norton took Section 1 with 65lb 13oz from peg 6. Section 2 going to Den Porter, on peg 16, netting 63lb 2oz.

Away Day at Peatling

Thirteen members fished an Away Day match at Peatling lakes on Canal and Crane Lakes. On a pretty miserable day where the rain just never seemed to stop Phil Dayman did well to net 84lb 13 oz to take first place from peg 8 on Crane. Canal lake provided the runner-up with Paul Edwards continuing his good run of form netting 70lb 13oz from peg 28. Gavin Norton, also on Canal, was just a few ounce behind with 70lb 7oz for third place on peg 18.

Section 1 went to Keith Macfarlane with 68lb 11oz from peg 4 on Crane. Malc Spring taking Section 2 with 58lb 3oz from peg 24 on Canal. 

Fishing Rod Lost 

A fishing rod has been lost at Kilworth Sticks over the weekend. Many of you will know George, who regularly fishes at Kilworth, was fishing on Currans Loop and inadvertently left his rod there when he packed up for the day. If you have found the rod or find it please, either, return it to George or get in touch with any committee member and we will arrange to get George his rod back . Committee members contact details are in your membership book.


Chairman's League Reminder 

Match secretary, Keith Macfarlane has asked me to remind Members that have booked in to fish the Chairman's League must let him know if they can not attend any of the Matches. We have 21 booked in to fish the series, on Sunday only 13 turned up to fish. Keith had been told by 5 of the anglers that they would not be fishing, but was expecting the other three to turn up.

As you can imagine this causes havoc with the pegging. Three extra swims were pegged for the three who were booked in but didn't turn up. If for any reason you cannot attend any of the matches please contact Keith before the match so that he knows how many swims to peg.

 Please remember that to qualify for the final ALL £5.00 entry fee's must be paid whether you fish or not.


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