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News 2019  


Net Drying

You may have noticed that on the front page of the Website we issue a notice asking members to ensure that their keepnets, landing nets, carp sacks, unhooking mats etc. Are thoroughly dry before you start fishing.

We do not request this to be awkward or sticklers for rules and regulations. We are trying to prevent the carrying of disease or transfer of invasive species from one water to another.

This includes moving between lakes on our own waters.

There have been local outbreaks of the carp disease KHV.

So please lay out your nets for at least 30minutes before starting to fish at any water you may be fishing. And, if possible, dry your nets in the sun when you get home.

Lost Feeder Rod

Barry Page had an unfortunate incident whilst fishing on BJ's about a week ago. Barry was fishing the feeder on the Smiggies side of the lake and whilst getting off his box to answer the call of nature his rod flew off into the lake....Fishing rod that is!!!. Before he could get to it the rod reel and fish had disappeared.

So if you do come across this rod and reel Barry would be most grateful for it's return. If you do find it  please return it to Barry or contact me on  and I will put you in touch with Barry.


Lily Pad Removal (Updated)

The work to remove the lily pads on Colver will take place on Tuesday 30th July. There will be large machinery involved in this operation, Therefore pegs 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, and 23 plus the two disabled pegs (19 and 20) will be closed to all until the work has been completed. Also the access at that end of Colver will also be closed until the work has been completed and the machinery removed from site.

I have had a message from Terry Branston that Smiggies Lake will also be closed on 30th July as the contractors are going to remove the lily pad roots from there as well.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Matrix Pairs

The Matrix pairs Match, sponsored by Paul Edwards, to be fished on Sunday 28th July has been switched to Holly Farm, Gills Lake. If you would like to fish this match please contact either Keith or Paul.

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