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News 2018


Away Day at Peatling Lake "D"

There were fifteen members on Peatling Pools lake "D" for the latest Away day match. And boy...what a struggle!!! This is a prolific fishery that usually produces good weights well into the worse that winter can throw at you. For some reason, though, after the first couple of hours the lake almost completely shut down.

 It was still pretty close at the end with only a few ounces between first and second. Phil Sansby just taking the spoils with 29lb 14oz from peg 2. Over on peg 10, the worst Peg on the venue (according to angling guru Cookie ) all of the feeding fish seemed to be over next to the island with Paul Cooke plundering them on the method feeder, when no one else could get a bite!! But even they dried up eventually Cookie coming in second with 29lb 15oz.

It was pretty obvious that Simon Blackwell must have been catching as there were no complaints from anglers on the other lakes to keep the noise down . Simon next peg to Phil took third place with 24lb 15oz.

 Gavin Norton needed just 13lb 12oz to take Section 1 from peg 6. Section 2 going to Chris Crane with 17lb 13oz and Den (never on a bad peg) Porter took section 3 with 22lb 3oz from peg 29 .

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