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Away Day at Peatling Lake "B"

 Another Away Day Match was arranged for Peatling Parva Fishery on Lake "B". With sixteen starters it was just about the right number for the largest of the Peatling Lakes with everyone having a decent amount of room.

The fishing was quite tough for a lake with a good stock of fish, but winter fishing can be like that!! .

Mark Akiens came out on top, drawing on peg 10, Mark, like most others, had a pretty slow start but perseverance on the Long Pole paid off. With a steady run of decent sized Carp in the middle of the competition he put 33lb 8oz on the scales to claim 1st prize.

Best starter was Chris Shore who pulled out peg 29, close to the winning peg on the previous day. Chris, fishing on the tip was the first to catch a Carp and he carried on in a similar vein throughout. In fact most thought that he would win the day. But with 29lb 3oz Chris was just a little short of Mark and had to settle for the runner-up spot.

Three big Carp on the Pole was enough for Pete Heane to nip into the last frame spot with 22lb 5oz from peg 7. Again it was a waiting game as the fish were definitely not in a feeding mood.

Phil Dayman took Section 1 with 12lb 11oz from peg 16. Section 2 going to Keith Macfarlane netting 11lb from peg 23. Mike Tyrer on peg 33 taking Section 3 with 20lb 4oz.


Away Day at Peatling 

 New years eve saw ten members starting off the celebrations by having an away day match at Peatling Parva's "D" Lake. With the lake looking quite clear, but the weather pretty decent it was difficult to know what to expect.

As it turned out the fishing was fairly good for the time of year. Vinnie Logie didn't really fancy his peg 22 draw so he decided to just set up the Pole and see how it went. Fishing with soft 4mm pellet over a bed of micro pellets, Vinnie had a slowish start but kept plugging away, and in the last hour was catching a fish every put in. Taking 56lb 4oz to the scales was enough to claim first prize.

Den Porter had the opposite experience. Catching well on the feeder toward the island on peg 4 at the start; it was the last hour that cost him. Catching just a couple of fish in that last hour Den had to settle for the runner-up spot with 43lb 8oz.

Section 1 went to Malc Spring with 25lb 10oz from peg 6. With Steve Beckhurst netting 38lb 2oz to win Section 2 from peg 27.



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