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News 2018


Fly Tipping at Kilworth Sticks

 We are having to report that there has been an incidence of "Fly Tipping" at Kilworth Sticks. Rubbish has been left on the carpark at the rear of Currans Loop. As you can imagine the land owner is not at all happy.

It is highly likely that this has been done by a Broome Member as whoever has done this must have come through our gate.

We do not want to loose the lease at this fishery because of one persons selfish stupidity.

If you saw this happening or if you know who the culprit is please inform one of the committee, all phone numbers are in your membership book.

If you visit the  fishery please help us by keeping an eye out for any suspiscious behaviour.

As there are numerous CCTV camera's at this venue we are hopeful that we will be able to identify the culprit.


Away Day at Peatling "Lake A"

 There were twelve members at the latest "Away Day" match, fished at Peatling Fisheries "Lake A" or Boat Lake as it is also known. It was a chilly still day and the lake was surprisingly clear after reports of 100lb+ catches from a midweek match. For such a normally prolific water it was, apart from the top two, very tough going.

After a slowish start Mark Akiens on peg 32 started catching some of the F1's that were seen swimming about in his peg before the start!!. It wasn't long before the odd Carp also decided to join in the fun and with a weight of 88lb 6oz to take to the scales, Mark was well in front of the field.

Paul Edwards was also catching well, fishing toward the sunken island on next peg 35. Paul was getting mostly F1's and the odd Skimmer but they came pretty quickly.  But for five decent Carp hooked and lost in the margins toward the end of the match Paul could well have challenged Mark for top spot. 53lb 4oz, though was easily enough for second place.

Completing the trio on the 30's bank, Kev Hirons took Section 1 with 31lb 5oz from peg 37. Section 2 going to Den Porter with 24lb from peg 10.


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