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News 2019  

Cost Cutter Match 28/11/19

 Club Chairman Alan Smith has organised a series of Cost Cutter matches for the 60's and over. These matches are held on a Thursday and if you would like more details contact Alan and he will be able to help you (Alan's number is in your membership book). Read below Alan's report of the sixth match in the series.

The latest cost cutter match was held today on yet another soggy rain filled day, leaving everyone soaked by the end. At least we are getting used to it now as it has happened almost every week!!


This week’s venue was a highly coloured Sanctuary lake and, although weights were low, everyone caught some fish throughout the day. Chris Shore came out on top with 6lb 12oz, with Mick Farmery taking the runner up spot with 5lb 11oz. 

Next weeks match is being held on Jasons.



Cost Cutter Match 21/11/19

The 5th Cost cutter match was held today (21/11) on a cold, damp Colver lake, with water levels still a foot above normal. At least the rain held off for a change.

After the poor weights recorded in the Chairman’s League match result on Sunday no-one was expecting big weights. So it proved to be the case. 


Everyone opted to fish for silvers as the carp are not showing at present. I was lucky enough to win with a low weight of 5lb 11oz, thanks mostly to a 4lb carp. Incidentally that was the only carp caught in the match. Chris Shore and Rob Smith were joint runners up with 2lb 8oz. 


Next weeks match is to be held on Sanctuary, subject to water levels and conditions being back to something like normal. 


Pike in Colver

Club Chairman Alan Smith has asked me to publish the following message regarding Colver lake.

Disturbing news that eight pike up to 5lb have been caught in Colver lake in the last week. Four last Saturday 16/11, two on Friday and two earlier in the week. 

This follows on from several caught earlier in the year including a 10lb specimen. All were removed and transferred to Jurassic. 


Members are reminded that pike were never intentionally stocked into Colver and indeed there should be none in there. That being the case if any pike are caught in the lake please transfer them into Jurassic.


DO NOT return them into Colver. 

Alan Smith

Cost Cutter Match 14/11/19

The fourth over 60’s Cost Cutter Match was held today on a flooded and rain drenched Jason’s Lake at Frisby. It seems these Thursday matches are jinxed by the weather at present. 


On arrival the lake was already over its bank and none of the pegs appeared fishable. However the path on the far bank was just about out of the water so we decided to peg along that bank only. It preceded to pour down with rain while we were setting up and never ceased for the whole 5 hours. At the end instead of sitting on a dry piece of grass we finished sitting in between 6’’ and a foot of water depending on which swim you were on. Water was pouring into the lake from the ditch at the back turning the water chocolate brown. 


One consolation was that weights were slightly better, with everyone getting bites throughout the day. Mick Farmery came out on top with 27lb 13oz with yours truly finishing runner up with 10lb 13oz. 


Next week’s match will be on Colver weather permitting.

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