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Had a few more from Jurassic recently including a recapture of the fish caught three weeks ago on 2 zigs, now caught it off the bottom as well. 


I am a new member at Broome and thought I’d let you know about a great days carp fishing I had today at the Frisby complex, on Jurassic lake.




I managed four carp and lost one, catching off the surface and on zig rigs, catching fish from three different pegs on the field side of the lake. 


Smallest fish was 11lb 8oz and the biggest going 18lb 8oz. 




The 18lb 8oz fish was the strangest fight ever as this fish took my right hand zig and went on a run of 15 yards to the left where it then took my second zig clean in its mouth, so I then had one carp with two hooks in its mouth. 


It was a very good days fishing.