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Matches 2020/21

To be sure of availability on an away match, book your place by contacting Keith Macfarlane or Paul Edwards as early as possible before the match date as some matches have limited pegs.
There is never any charge for fishing official club matches (except Away League, and Winter Away League where there is a peg fee to pay, and Chairman's League), but, there are optional pools if you want to enter them.

For optimum pegging, please arrive in plenty of time or if you know you are going to be late for the draw, let Keith or Paul know and you will be included.

The last "Draw for pegs" for a daytime match is 8.30am (Winter League 9.00am), and for an evening match last draw is 5.30pm (unless otherwise stated).


This Weeks Official Match's

Evening League - Wed 29th July - Colver (All Lake)

Sunday League - Sun 2nd August - Jasons and Colver (Pegs 21-46)


Please remember, if you are fishing on Colver on 29/7/20 you must vacate the lake by 3pm latest (as club rule 24).



Please DO NOT fish on pegs reserved for matches



Match Dates 2020-21 

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 Winter League

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