Broome Angling





Fur & Feather 30/9/18








 Den Porter


 40lb 13oz


 Jason Farmery


 35lb 4oz


Geoff Harper


 33lb 6oz


Gavin Norton


 31lb 4oz


 Mark Akiens


 27lb 7oz

 Sec 1

 Malc Spring


 21lb 11oz

 Sec 2

 Chris Crane


 25b 12oz

 Sec 3

 Simon Pepper


 19lb 13oz

 Sec 4

 Phil Dayman


 11lb 6oz

 Sec 5

 Phil Sansby


 17lb 3oz

Den Takes The Turkey

There were 25 starters for this years Fur & Feather Match and unfortunately Colver was in a pretty poor mood. Almost everyone caught the majority of their fish in the first hour. It was then a case of trying to get a bite from anywhere in your peg!!

It did make for a pretty close competition though and if the fish had started feeding in the latter part of the day anyone could still have won.

It was Den Porter though who mastered the conditions best, netting 40lb 13oz from peg 1 to take the honours. Den caught all of his fish on dead maggot, but had to keep feeding different areas to keep an odd fish coming, after an initial burst in the early stages.

Jason Farmery was happy with his peg 15 draw, and it proved to be a happy hunting ground. Just 5lb or so behind Den, Jason had to settle for the runner up position with 35lb 13oz of pellet caught carp. Third place went to Geoff Harper on peg 21. Geoff putting 33lb 6oz on the scales to finish just in front of last years winner Gavin Norton. Gav, a couple of pound behind with 31lb 4oz for 4th place. Completing the Main Frame was Mark Akiens on peg 29 with 27lb 7oz.