Broome Angling





Fur & Feather 1/10/17








 Gavin Norton 


 53lb 3oz 


 Pete Heane


 28lb 10oz


 Rob Smith


 24lb 12oz


Den Porter


 24lb 10oz


 Geoff Harper


 23lb 12oz

 Sec 1 1st

 Mark Akiens



 Sec 1 2nd

 Steve Beckhurst


 16lb 3oz

 Sec 2 1st

 Alan Smith


 20lb 1oz 

 Sec 2 2nd

 Mick Tyrer


 6lb 5oz

 Sec 3 1st

 Vinnie Logie


 20lb 12oz 

 Sec 3 2nd

 Dave Kimber


 10lb 9oz 

 Sec 4 1st

 Simon Blackwell


 10lb 9oz 

 Sec 4 2nd

 Chris Crane


 9lb 6oz 

 Sec 5 1st

 Phil Dayman


 11lb 9oz 

 Sec 5 2nd

 Andy Foster


 7lb 14oz

Gavin Takes the Turkey

With a starting field of 32 it was always going to be pretty tough in this years Fur & Feather Match....and it was!! 

Gavin Norton came out on top with a fine catch, on the day, of 35lb 3oz. Gavin on peg 22 caught most of his fish by fishing Long Pole shallow with caster as hookbait. Most of the feeding fish seemed to be at the south end of the Lake, as second place went to next peg. Pete Heane had to fish tight up to the lily pads to keep a few fish coming from peg 21 and his 28lb12oz was enough for the runner-up spot. completing the top three was Rob Smith on peg 18. Rob had some good fish in his mixed bag of 23lb 4oz. 

Den Porter was top weight at the other end of Colver, coming in fourth with five good Carp for 18lb 13oz. Fifth place going to Geoff Harper on peg 14 with 17lb 6oz. 

The prizes were well spread with ten section prizes paid out and all contestants took home a bottle of wine. It was pretty tough going but I'm sure that everyone who fished caught at least one fish....Most notably Phil Sansby who weighed in one Carp that tipped the scales at 9lb 6oz!! 

Thanks to Keith for all the organisation and well done to all those who took part.