Broome Angling




Evening League 2017

Last draw for the Evening League Matches is 5.00pm. Fish from 6.00pm till 9.00pm. If you know you are going to be late then let Keith know and he will draw for you.



           Weds 14/6/17                                                 Colver (Pegs 1-18) 

         Weds 21/6/17                                                 Jasons (All Lake)

         Weds 28/6/17                                                 Smiggies Lake

         Weds 05/7/17                                                 Colver Lake (Pegs 21-46)

         Weds 12/7/17                                                Jasons Lake (All Lake)

         Weds 19/7/17                                                 Colver Lake (Pegs 1-18)

         Weds 26/7/17                                                 Sanctuary Lake

         Weds 02/8/17                                                 Colver Lake (Pegs 21-46)