Broome Angling





Chairmans League 2019



Last draw on a Chairmans League Match is 8.30am. Fish from 9.30am till  3.00/3.30pm (depending on light conditions). This is the only League fished on Broome A.S. Waters where the Match Pools are mandatory. For more details and to book in for the Chairmans League please contact Keith Macfarlane or Paul Edwards (number in your membership book).




Date Venue
Sun 13/10/19 Currans & Lambies
Sun 3/11/19 Colver (All Lake)
Sun 17/11/19 Colver 21- 46
Sun 1/12/19 Colver (All Lake)
Sun 15/12/19 Jasons
Sun 22/12/19 Colver (All Lake)