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2014 News Archive


Tough going on Jasons

Some of the match anglers had arranged to fish a sweepstake on Colver last Sunday, but on arrival found a pretty thick sheet of ice covering the lake. A decision was made to switch over to Jasons as that was pretty clear...In the end most of them wished that they hadn't bothered. Just 7oz was needed by Chris Crane from peg 3 to win the day. Second place going to Keith Macfarlane with 5oz!! All that anyone could catch was tiny perch. Such are the delights of winter fishing!! .

Get on the Telly...

Broome Chairman, Alan Smith, has received the following press release from a researcher at BBC 2 regarding a new fishing programme they are making. It would be great to see a Broome member on the telly having the time of their lives by the sound of it....So if you are interested get in touch with the team at BBC 2 as detailed.....



The BBC is planning a brand new series called The Big Fish*, which will test the skills of some of Britains best amateur anglers, in some of the most dramatic and challenging places on earth. From tropical seas to frozen rivers and lakes, this is not just a gripping mission to find Britains best all-round angler, but an expedition around the world.


Each programme will see the contestants travelling to a different country with very distinct climates, landscapes and habitats. In each location theyll be tested using a wide range of techniques and will face challenges which combine their own experience and talents with newly learnt skills. Over the course of the series, the competitors will be eliminated leaving the others to move onto the next country and the next set of challenges.


So who is brave enough to swap the Thames for the Zambezi? Or trade Lake Windermere for an alligator-infested swamp, or the coast of Wales for the shores of Central America?


The production team are currently looking for a diverse range of fishing fanatics from all over the UK to take part of the series and push their fishing skills to the extreme…


The talent search is open to non-professional anglers aged 18 and over and resident in the UK. Anyone interested applying to take part should contact: or call the team on 0117 974 2349



*Please note The Big Fish is a working title only.


Sweepstake at Currans Loop

Match Secretary Keith Macfarlane returned to winning ways on a sweepstake fished at Currans Loop, Kilworth, last Sunday. In a closely fought battle Keith weighed in with 25lb 8oz from peg 8.

Not far behind was Malc Spring, on the other side of the Lake, on peg 20; Malc was keeping pace with Keith but finished just a pound and a bit short with 24lb 2oz. Phil Sansby coming in third with 20lb 12oz from peg 22.

The lure of fishing Currans on a fine late Autumn day didn't seem to resonate with too many as there were only five who turned up to fish!!

Away Day Sweepstake at Lakeside

It seems as though the fish are shoaling up for winter just about everywhere as the result from a sweepstake fished by some of the regular match boys at Lakeside Fishery, Wolvey on a Match free week last Sunday.

The match was won with 59lb by Lee Nash. A very good result as this is predominately a silver fish water, where the main target is Skimmers. Malc Spring came in second, a good way behind Lee, but with 29lb 9oz still a great days fishing. Third place went to Brian Hoyle with 15lb 12oz.

The fishing was quite hard for some as the fish were congregated in a few areas. Section 1 was won with just 3lb 2oz by Keith Macfarlane. Mick Nash having a better day netting 15lb to take Section 2.


Broome A.S. would like to thank Tony Branston for all of his past hard work as Club Head Bailiff. Tony has had to resign from this role due to increasing work commitments. The new Head Bailiff is Colin Pryor. Colin has stepped up from Assistant to take over the Head Bailiff role. Furthermore we would like to welcome Tom Kent on to the committee. Tom has taken over as assistant Head Bailiff.


The committee would like to apologise to all current bailiffs, as we know that there has been a lot of frustration regarding bailiff cards, poor communication etc etc. We value your efforts and commitment and we would like to thank you all for your patience. Colin has resolved to get all of the past problems sorted out so that we can start again on a clean footing.


In regard to the above would all bailiffs and anyone who would like to be a club bailiff please contact Colin Pryor (Colin's number is in your membership book) so that he can get a list of bailiffs sorted out with names and address's etc. and he can, then, get all of the cards sent to the appropriate people.


Thank you.

The Committee

Crayfish on Smiggies

As I'm sure your all aware we have been having a problem with Crayfish on Smiggies Lake at Frisby. It has been officially verified that the Crays are a Turkish species! Alas yet another invasive species. We have already placed Environment Agency traps around the lake and a substantial number have been removed. If you catch any Crayfish from Smiggies they MUST NOT be returned to the water. It is, in fact, illegal to return them. They must be killed and either taken away to be disposed of, or if this is not possible leave them on the bank as the birds will eat them. Do not return them to the water even when dead as they can carry up to 1,000,000 eggs!!


We have had reports from one of our Water Officers, Terry Branston, that some members have been getting angry and moaning at him for coming to remove Crayfish Traps whilst they are fishing on Smiggies. We have no wish to spoil your enjoyment of the lakes but it is a legal requirement that the Traps can only be in the water for 24 hours at a time. Therefore they must be taken out of the water, no matter who is fishing there. We do apologise, but we are trying to combat these unwelcome guests. Thank you all for your future patience in this matter.


Sweepstake at Lizzies,Kilworth

Six members held a sweepstake at Lizzies lake last Sunday (2/11/14). Unusually for Lizzies lake the going was pretty say the least !! There were reports of pleasure anglers having some decent weights earlier in the week with both carp and Roach being caught.

Den Porter on peg 25 won the day with 13lb 10oz. All of Dens fish were caught on the pole, with caster as bait. In fact every fish caught came to float tactics not one fish was caught on the feeder. Phil Sansby netted three Carp and was catching Roach in the first hour to finish in the runner up spot with 11lb 13oz from peg 21. In fact, anyone who fished for Roach caught reasonably well in the first hour until someone flicked a switch and they fed no more !!

Section 1 was won by Chris Crane who netted just one Carp and one Roach from peg 1 to weigh in 5lb 12oz. Steve Beckhurst had a similar story with just two bites all day, one from a small Gudgeon the other from a Carp of 7lb 14oz....enough to take Section 2.

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