Broome Angling


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Pole Roller Found (14/7/12)

The Pole Roller that was recently found is now in the process of being returned to it's rightful owner. Thanks to Alan Snow for reporting the find

Floods at Rothley (10/7/12)

If you are thinking of going to our water at Rothley please take extreme care!! Terry Branston has reported that the flood water on the road to the parking area is almost 2 feet 6 inches deep! Furthermore it is very deceptive, as the road forms a dip as it goes beneath the A6 Bridge and is deeper than it may initially seem. The advice is to stay away until the flood waters have receded.

Frisby Work Party (10/6/12)

The final Work Party for this year took place on Frisby Complex last Sunday. There wasn't actually a massive amount to do, it was more a case of completing some of the unfinished jobs of the previous weeks. Another good turnout meant that we were all finished for about 10.00am!

Once again the committee would like to thank each and every one of you who has leant a really does make all the difference to have the extra hands to help keep the fishery in tip top condition.

The "Work Party Sweep" was on Smiggies Lake this week and with thirteen attendee's taking part nearly all of the Lake was covered. Thankfully the rain managed to hold off for the whole day! Quite an occurrence in these drought ridden times.....

Winner on the day was, in the absence of Keith and Cookie, stand-in Match organiser and full time webmaster Steve Beckhurst.... Pulling out peg 24 was a good start as this is a peg that you always feel that you have a chance from. A fish a chuck, at about 10meters, for the first two hours made for a pretty solid base. When these eventually dried up, as they usually do, a switch to fishing at 16 meters on the Long Pole kept the small Chublets, Silvers and the odd Roach coming at a slower but pretty regular rate for the rest of the competition. The final tally of 20lb 5oz enough for top spot.

Dave Kimber caught some sizeable Silvers in the early stages, but, although he could see them swimming about in his peg, they refused to get down to any serious feeding. Dave, also fishing the Long Pole, Kept on adding "net" fish but could not keep them coming fast enough. Dave took 13lb 6oz to the scales for second place.

At the other end of the Lake Chris "Cormorant" Shore had the stand out weight of 12lb 8oz from peg 13. Cormorant also opted for Long Pole tactics, netting a mixed catch to take him to third place overall. Most of Chris's fish falling to Caster.

Wayne Mitchell made his first visit for a while and took home the Section 1 prize with 9lb 2oz from peg 7. Section 2 going to Mark Aikins with 11lb 4oz from peg 22.









Steve Beckhurst


20lb 5oz


Dave Kimber


13lb 6oz


Chris Shore


12lb 8oz

Sec 1

Wayne Mitchell


9lb 2oz

Sec 2

Mark Aikins


11lb 4oz


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