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2010 News Archive

Freeze up continues 13/12/10

Sadly, there has been nothing to report for the last two weeks or so. As you will all know, the lakes have been virtually unfishable. We have seen some milder conditions of late, but with the ice up to 4 inches thick the warmer temperatures have not had a great deal of effect. With sub zero conditions forecast for later in the week, one wonders when we will be able to get out and cast a line again. Some anglers have braved the elements and, somehow, managed to break the ice and do a bit of fishing at very short range ....and, possibly, suprisingly they have caught a few small fish. If you are tempted to try this, please be extremely careful, and, as obvious as it may seem to most of us, do NOT attempt to walk/skate on any frozen lakes....There have been reports from across the country of people drowning after attempting such foolhardy acts.

Pike League Match Cancelled

The Pike League Match scheduled to be fished at Frisby Complex on Sunday 12th December, is the latest victim of the weather. Due to the current conditions and the forecast of not much change this match will not now be fished. The next Pike League Match will take place on Sunday 9th January 2011, at Meadow Lane, Syston.

Chairmans League Match Cancelled

Due to the adverse weather conditions the Chairmans League Match, scheduled to be fished on Smiggys Lake on Sunday 5th December, has been cancelled. The Match will now be fished at the same venue on the following week, Sunday 12th December, weather permitting! Smiggys Lake will be closed on that day (12/12/10) to all other anglers. The committee apologizes for any inconvenience caused.  

Jasons Lake Sweepstake 28/11/10


Seven intrepid members decided that the -12degree temperature was not going to deny them their Sunday entertainment, and so they assembled at Jasons Lake with all the Eskimo gear that could be mustered at short notice!!!. After cutting holes in the, inch thick, ice the contest began...

Suprisingly there were some fish that were even dafter than the fishermen.... The days top rod, Wayne Mitchell, finding nine of them....small Perch, for a total of 9oz from peg 10. With the temperature never reaching any higher than -3 the water was constantly re-freezing but this all adds to the fun, or so I'm told.

Mick Farmery hooked "the fish of the day" a 31/2oz Roach, and together with a small Perch Micks 4oz earned him second place. Keith Macfarlane has been hoping to draw peg 9 for ages....and he managed it at last....when the Lake was frozen solid!!! Well done Keith!!, it will probably be another two years before he draws it again. He did frame off the peg though, with two small Perch for 2oz.

One sobering thought about the recent weather conditions....Its not even winter yet!!!







 Wayne Mitchell




 Mick Farmery




 Keith Macfarlane




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