Broome Angling





Winter League 4/2/2018








 Paul Edwards


 61lb 6oz


 Steve Beckhurst


 48lb 6oz


 Geoff Harper


 32lb 7oz

 Sec 1

 Phil Dayman


  23lb 11oz  

  Sec 2 

 Simon Blackwell 


 24lb 15oz

 Sec 3

 Mark Akiens 


 16lb 14oz 


Merrick does the Business

Its a good job that Paul "Merrick" Edwards has an understanding "Mrs" because as he was tackling up on peg 18 before Round 3 of the Winter League on Colver, he discovered that his 2 month old Pole had a split right up the most expensive section!! It put the pressure on as he now had to win the match in order to pay his good lady the £50.00 he promised her for getting out of bed and bringing him his spare Pole  .

It did pay off though, as soon as he set it up, an hour or so into the competition, he started catching Carp! After feeding micro pellets, Paul fished bread over the top of the micro's to keep fish coming throughout the day. At the "all out" he put an impressive 61lb 6oz on the scales to take top spot on the day.

It was a very chilly day with a cold wind blowing downstream making fishing pretty  awkward and it took Steve Beckhurst a good hour to get his first bite on peg 21. it was worth the wait, though, as it was good fish of 6lb+ . After this Steve caught well for the next couple of hours to put another dozen decent sized Carp in the net. The last two hours were not so productive though as the fish moved off up the lake, Steve took the runner-up spot with 48lb 6oz.

Third place, in the starting field of nineteen, went to Geoff Harper on peg 7. Geoff put another good winter catch on the scales of 32lb 7oz. The lake fishing quite well despite the icy conditions.

Phil Dayman took Section 1 with 23lb 11oz from peg 12. A late surge by Simon Blackwell was enough to win him Section 2 from peg 16 with 24lb 15oz. Section 3 going to Mark Akiens who had some good Carp from peg 40 for 16lb 14oz.