Broome Angling





Winter League 1/4/2018









 Gavin Norton

 9 CL

73lb 3oz


 Simon Blackwell

 3 La

 33lb 10oz


 Phil Sansby

 24 CL

26lb 7oz 

 Sec 1

 Steve Beckhurst

 2 La

25lb 2oz

 Sec 2

Dean Myatt

 30 CL

14lb 6oz



Bag-up Time for Gavin     

 It was, very much, a case of feast or famine on Round Seven of the Winter League. With fourteen members taking part it was decided to put four pegs on Lambies Snake as well as the ten on Currans Loop. It seems that those on Lambies probably got the best deal as all four had some decent sport .

However it was Currans loop the provided the winner with Gavin Norton on peg 9 taking advantage of what was an end peg on the day. Pegs 1-8 have shown very poor form of late so it was decided to leave them out.....Sods law meant that this was a signal for most of the fish to move into this free area.  After a slow start where not much was caught Gavin saw fish rising in the free pegs and throwing a small bomb down to them proved the successful tactic as at the "all out" he put 73lb 3oz on the scales for a comfortable win.

Simon Blackwell, over on Lambies took the runner-up spot from peg 3. Netting 20 or so Carp from the far bank using pellet as hookbait Simon caught well for the first four hours on the Long Pole. The fish, however, drifted off and he was pretty much biteless for the rest of the match. His 33lb 10oz, though, was still good enough for 2nd place.

Third place went to Phil Sansby on peg 24 back on Currans. Phil had a good start netting most of his fish in the first couple of hours but, again, they drifted away leaving him with a barren second half of the match. He hung on, though, to third place with 26lb 10oz.

Section 1 went to Steve Beckhurst on Lambies with 25lb 2oz from peg 2. Dean Myatt taking Section 2 from peg 30 with 14lb 6oz.